Not sure this is going to earn the kind of points he wants

Witnesses Called in the Minnesota Election Trial

Norm Coleman's legal team
called witnesses
to the stand yesterday in his battle to have the results of
the Minnesota Senate election reversed. Monday they brought in photocopies of rejected ballots but the
court rejected the photocopies, so yesterday the actual voters were brought in. However, not all of them
were helpful. One voter sheepishly admitted that the reason the signatures on his ballot application and
on the ballot envelope did not match is that his girlfriend filled out the ballot application
and signed it (which is illegal and a reason to reject the vote). Another voter said he voted in person
but when shown his absentee ballot, then changed his tune and denied that he voted in person. The trial
will continue today.

(from here.)

Meanwhile, Minnesota has only one senator.

This seriously isn't going to change anything.

The taxpayers are footing the bill for this circus, but it doesn't look like much of a show, and Norm's got himself another job already.

Seriously, wtf?

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10 responses to this post.

  1. sigh* wtf indeed


  2. I've got tons of relatives in Minnesota. I hope none of them is…er…involved. Yeah what's the deal? I heard he got a job…what's that about? Does his employer know he's trying to win the seat, STILL? I'm resisting the urge to screech.


  3. I think the job is a lobbyist kinda thing, so a placeholder, stipend, payback sort of thing.And they certainly know who/what they've hired.


  4. Oh. I should have guessed that.It's still a mess. I wonder how other countries perceive it. *sigh*


  5. It's ridiculous that this is still going on. It's not even suspenseful any more.


  6. how nice that the bad guys can get a job so easily and the good folks can't …


  7. So is he gonna get his voters arrested for voter fraud then? 😛


  8. I'm so slow at times.SIlly me, I was just thinking sore loser.There are important votes coming up.The Democratic majority is just short of filibuster-proof (2/3, not simple majority), so that on important, divisive issues they could be scraping the bucket, needing every Democratic vote, needing one, maybe two Republican votes, to move things along.And, hey, here's one Democratic vote tied up indefinitely in the Minnesota courts.My guess is Coleman will be appealing this one indefinitely, no matter how remote the possibility of winning, just to keep that one more vote out of the Senate.Wondering who is footing his legal bills?


  9. Wondering who is footing his legal bills? Maybe SaraPac? More here.I think I'm going to run for office.Even if I lose, I can mess things up indefinitely and get free rubber chicken dinners along the way.


  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This is ticking me off. None of the Republicans are going to help get these bills passed. Somebody better start cooperating.


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