100 Days meme – sounds good

From farfaraway who got it from writebrain:

Here are the rules:

1) you must start around now and end in around 100 days, by April 30th. You can complete a project that has been hanging around.
2) have a list of 5-10 things you want to accomplish in this time period (if you want to do more, go for it)
3) at least one must be in the service of other people.


1) Finish painting my living room.  It's a long story, but it's been half painted for about two years.

2) Finish emptying out Tom's mother's house, so we can get it rented out. It keeps not happening because I have been doing it with Tom, when he can come.
I have to just get a key, and do it myself, boxing up the stuff he has to consider.

3) Lose another 10 pounds.
I had this scary session at Kaiser, when I wandered back for an appointment after, um, cough, shuffle feet….about 12 years of hiding from the doctor. 
It seems my blood pressure is up, and my cholesterol isn't where it should be.
So I donated everything salty to the food bank, stopped eating anything [EDIT: add but….  Edit the EDIT: actually a fair amount of low-fat too, since there are some things that just don't work non-fat] non-fat, and filled in the gaps with veggies, starting in September, and have lost 25 pounds.
But things slowed over the holidays, and with traveling, so now I have to get that scale moving again, and here's a target.

4) Finish moving furniture and de-junking the downstairs, quickly, while Sair is still overseas and Tom is still teaching.
Because this stuff seems to be much slower with help.
Maybe commit to

5) Something for other people?
A little harder, since I seem to have any number of projects in the house screaming to me to do.
Maybe I can finally get around to setting up a neighborhood meeting.  
The local cops come by to talk to people about safety and to update us on crime and other issues in the area.
The lady who used to do this every year moved back to England, and we missed this fall.
And for hosting it you get a big dumpster out on the street.
Probably this shouldn't happen until June, when the weather is warmer so it can be outside in the back yard, and
people coming for the summer can benefit.
But if I get it set up by the magic date, that should count.

So, I'll keep you posted on these. 

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck with all of your goals!
    This sounds good, and I could incorporate this challeng along with my ongoing resolution challenge. Last year I didn't get many of the BIG projects done. This would be good inspiration.


  2. Very ambitious — I hope you get it all done! Question, why stop eating anything non-fat to lose weight?


  3. oops backwards….. nixed the high-fat stuff.


  4. That's a good call on high-fat. Normal fat is still a good choice, everything in moderation. Low- non- fat stuff needs a label review. Most have more sugar to make up for the lower fat content, so you are trading one thing for the other.
    With all the painting, moving and cleaning you'll be doing, that will also count as doing a lot of exercise!


  5. Blaaaaaah. I don't even have the gumption to make a list. I hope this sluggishness passes soon.


  6. I think a nap is in order just reading the list.


  7. WOW!!!!! You are super! that's an ambitious list, but I know you'll do it. Right now, I"m hoping to get my Christmas cards out and the tree down, before the end of February.As soon as I"m dug out of this hole I'll do something like this. It's wonderful!!


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