Some foods are so heinous #2

Or sneaky foods, continued.

it looks innocent enough to begin with.

Mayo, a little dab will do ya.

After all, once upon a time, if you were ordering a sandwich, they'd ask what you wanted on it.
"Lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo."
In fact, I remember the first time anyone even raised the possibility of putting mayonnaise on a hamburger.
I was, to say the least, nonplussed.
I mean, it isn't as if a hamburger wasn't already sort of greasy.
Mayonnaise on a burger, no thanks.

Some sandwiches, sure.
A club sandwich, okay – but with tuna salad?
Doesn't that stuff already have mayo in it?
The mayo level was rising.

Then it was all "mayonnaise-mustard on your sandwich," as if both together was suddenly normal.
Tuna salad with mustard?
And the day the counter help just stared at me when I asked for neither
"You mean, you want it dry?"
No, just regular.
But regular suddenly looks more like this:

Now, I still like a little, little, mayo on things, once in a while.
But oceans of it, no.

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16 responses to this post.

  1. *gags, delicately*This is one of the reasons I never eat out. EV-AHHHHHHHHH!!!!Condiments and apreads should know their place(s).


  2. apreads …. Spreads.Sorry. I was so fired up I typed it badly. Love that last shot, btw.


  3. I often have to ask for no mayo when I'd really like a little bit. The concept of just a little tiny bit of mayo, just enough to thinly coat the bread, seems to have disappeared.


  4. Yes.I've tried to describe in words "just a little bit, just scrape a little tiny bit along the bread," but no matter what I say they always seem to put on about 1/3 of a cup.Tho I don't have it as bad as poor Tom who loathes the stuff.


  5. I simply must step in. I love mayo, great vats of it, and I don't care who knows it. It is thick, rich, caloric. All things desireable. Please, don't mock my mayo.


  6. I don't mind mayo.A little bit.When I know it's coming.But sneaky stealth mayo, not so much.


  7. 1/3 of a cup of mayo, holy mother of god. But I do love that last shot.


  8. I like mayo and horseradish lol


  9. Myself, looooove tuna salad with a light spread of mustard on the bread, or dry mustard in the salad itself. I'm super-picky about mayonnaise. Tastiest mayonnais ever had was in Japan, not the same as the American versions. Here, it's Best Foods or nuthin'. Also, mayo with French fries please. Ketchup, yech. A little goes a long ways with mayo. Americans have a love affair with fat (and grease). And tend to overdo it on the mayo.


  10. Eee! The last photo is creepeh. Mayo is a religion in the south you know. Serious.


  11. Ick….I really don't care for mayo unless it's mixed in tuna salad. Even then, it has to be a small amount. It always creeped me out when the fridge portion of the sandwich bar where I used to work froze everything (once in awhile) except the mayo :p


  12. Obviously you have never had real fresh home made Mayo…. There is nothing like it .. That stuff in the jar will never taste the same to you. and a little bit of mayo goes a long long way.Drools over the thought of a nice tuna salad sandwich.


  13. I love mayo so much, that I feel that my arguments in its favor must be succinct and staggering. So here it is:
    Potato. Salad.


  14. That is a low blow.I confess.I find a perfect potato salad pretty much irresistible(That's why that recipe, and my cheesecake recipe, are stashed very far away….)It's just mayo on everything, mayo on unexpected things, and massive amounts of mayo that I object to.It can be in tuna salad.It can be on a BLT, applied with a light touch.But oceans of it are just wrong.


  15. Mayo is wonderful in its place.But it's showing up everywhere, to excess. It's like a mayo tsunami.


  16. Mayo tsunami.Now there is an image.


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