and because some people are quite mad

They create things like this

I wouldn't say it necessarily will make more sense to Dr Who fans.
Just that it might help.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. [dancing like hamsterpants]


  2. hamsterpants it is


  3. That was so great.


  4. The Chipmunks live!


  5. "Mad"? They called us "Mad" on Gallifrey, too–but they're gone now, all gone, and the drumming—ermm–'dansen' still remains… So tell me….WHO is MAD now?!?! That's right, it's ME! now RUN for your lives! bwahahaha! Erm. I mean. Glad I could help weird-up the interwebs. Carry on. ….HERE. COME. THE DRUMS!


  6. That's it. I'm throwing the damn ring into the fires of Mt. Doom.


  7. Nice words, and a catchy beat. I could dance to this.I'm giving this a nine, Dick.


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