Green, yellow, whatever…

This picture gives the color tone as my tv also showed it, the gloves a darker version of the same shade.  I saw one picture that gave a closer look at the coat, which is a lighter, gold lace over the green.

Works for me.

Picture from here:

What I find interesting is that in the same article the dress is referred to both as a "pale green" and an "unusual shade of yellow," so I guess our collective lack of resolution on the matter of color is not surprising.

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  1. Green? Wow.My TV showed it as pale golds.collective lack of resolution on the matter of color is not surprising True….What was in the gift that she gave Laura Bush? I didn't hear.


  2. I've checked it on two different high-def networks and it's still gold. Part of the under-thingie might be slightly green, but the outer part is mos def gold.


  3. It looks green in artificial light (at the reviewing stand) and it looked green when they were walking down PA Ave. My guess: that brocade plays tricks with the light. Srsly!


  4. It's a more gold-toned wool lace over that ambiguously color in inner, dress part.


  5. LOL….I just checked a bunch of channels…most show it as you described but a couple have all golds and yellows. One is more greens than anything…..The gloves turn up green pretty often. Fascinating.


  6. Works for me too.


  7. Hehe – I thought the one thing today should've taught us is the colour doesn't matter! 🙂


  8. Clearly this should have been my title!


  9. I saw it described somewhere as lemongrass yellow.


  10. Hey, even the folks at Michelle Obama Watch are confused..


  11. I just want to know what kind of thermal underlayers she had underneath to keep warm.


  12. Whatever company made them needs to start advertising that they did. They'd sell a million. Keep warm under your fabulous dress.I saw a closeup of the gloves and you could see where she'd stuffed the handwarmers in.


  13. I couldn't believe she was wearing a coat that didn't close. I felt cold on her behalf! She's gotta have been well-layered underneath!


  14. I think the color was 'champagne distilled from melon'.


  15. ooo that works for me.


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