You did a hecka a job, Bushie

US lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008
International Herald Tribune - 2 hours ago
Louis Uchitelle NEW YORK: US employers shed 2.6 million jobs in 2008,
the worst year since 1945, the government reported Friday, and a
rapidly deteriorating economy promises more significant losses ahead.

It's scary to see the numbers, though you can feel it happening too.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. count me in. unfortunately.


  2. I've been reading conservative blogs, Lauowolf. It was all Carter's and Clinton's fault, it seems. Of course…


  3. Silly me.Oh, and Obama for being elected too.That explains it all.


  4. It's such a mess right now. And then I heard the commentators after Obama's speech today, complaining that he wasn't being "upbeat" and hopeful" enough…GAHHHH!!!!!!! They'd complain if he WERE!And I think it's wonderful to have someone talk to us like we're sentient adults, and there's a BIG problem that we all need to understand and fix together. I'm truly sick of the past 8 years of delusional whateveritwas. When Obama steps up to the microphone I feel like things will be undertsood (YAY!) and approached in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. And that we'll ALL be expected to participate. Ah, so nice.That's hope enough for me. *wiggles her little green toes and hobbles home*


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  6. According to my assistant, Laurie Su, who is the utmost authority on all subjects, yes it is all Clinton's fault (i think she was born post-Carter) and we are going to have a revolution within two years and that will lead to World War III and "it's all in the bible." Amen. The day after the election, Laurie Su went out and bought a gun and a sewing machine. (Is the sewing machine for making body bags? Not sure.)That's the news from the Heartland.


  7. Well, that's it then. We'd all better get busy on our nuke shelters….and buy ourselves a gun if we find ourselves sharing a shelter with Laurie Su. To use on ourselves, I hasten to add…


  8. Still wondering about that sewing machine….


  9. First, there would be no SHARING with Laurie Su. That's the reason for the gun! Second, ironically, the manufacturer of the sewing machine is Brother!


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