And then on Christmas Eve

After we finally got the beastie dealt with, got the tree more-or-less up, bought stuff for dinner on Christmas, and wrapped presents, we settled down for the evening, and put on the Christmas video (Death Defying Acts).
And Boe limped across the room.
Thanks boy.

So we went off to spend two hours at the Emergency Vet.
Hey, otherwise the poor man would be bored and lonely.
Now, two vet exams later, we still don't know exactly why the boy is limping.
The working hypothesis is that he got bitten on the quadriceps, and the bite is considering becoming an abscess, but isn't there yet.
He's on lots of antibiotics, and except for the limp, is just fine.

The fill-in vet was clearly a non-cat guy.
He put Boe down on the floor to watch him walk, and Boe – of course – dove under the chair and wouldn't come out.
"Here, boy," from across the room does not work on cats.
Is it T.S. Elliot who says a cat is not a dog?

As long as he was checking him out carefully, though, he discovered that the boy has one enlarged kidney, and one very little one.
It may just be the way he is put together.
Boe isn't even two yet, so it's a little early for kidney disease.
But we will be hearing from them when the radiologist gets back.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. I thought by "beastie" you meant your bad colds. Until I read your previous post.Man, that possum is stubborn! I wonder what their life expectancy is, hmmm? Boo non-cat guy vet!Oh, mysterious hobbling is no fun. Will he let you hold him and really search every inch of his leg (for a wound mark)? Antibiotics are no fun either! Jeepers.I hope he mysteriously recovers very soon!


  2. I wonder if the possum bit him?


  3. Possums only live a couple of years.I think we have a possum dynasty, generations of them being shown by mama how to come in the catflap and find the catfood.They nest up in the palm tree, and squabble with the raccoons.Mostly they are just clueless and sort of icky.Boe doesn't seem to be terribly tender with the leg.The (second) vet found the tenderness on his quad, but it took a lot of looking.I would like to see the hobbling stop.If the antibiotics work, he should be okay in another day or so.(Though idiot boy doesn't seem to know he has a problem.)


  4. I think it would be more of a bite if it had been the possum.There is a slinky black cat hanging out, trying to walk on our fence, and look at our yard, and other unacceptable things.Sisko was saying rude things to him this afternoon, but Sisko is more of a confrontational cat.Boe isn't a fighter, which might be why the bite was on his back leg.He did have a few little stratches too, so this seems likely.And all the cats just utterly ignore the possums.And vice versa.Except for our former boy Felix who hung out with them and the raccoons.(He was the Buddha Cat, and is still fiercely missed.)


  5. Yes, that was TS Eliot. Or he said something to that extent. What an exciting 24 hrs! Not exactly a good excitement, lol. Hopefully everything will turn out just fine


  6. Wow, you are having a bit more four legged drama than you should this month!! Are they really going to let the possum go right in your area again? If so I wonder if you live trapped him again and took the trap a long way away and opened it (even if he has his teeth stuck in it) and see if he will leave. Good grief! I had some leather gloves that I used to pick one snoring possum up by the tail (he had gotten trapped in our chicken house, without chickens, luckily, and fallen asleep in there). I put him in a huge trashcan and drove him far far away and let him go. He did the ol' "Scary Grin" thing at me, too. Creeeeepy lil dudes!


  7. That was actually my evil plot.I was going to drive him over to a nearby park with a stream, and release him there, sneakily.But then he got his jaw trapped, and I had to call in the official possum rescuers, and had to be all official about it.I still have my trap, and my plot, for next time.(The animal rescue guy had thick gloves too. he just shoved on the jaw, and it all untangled.I think the possum had shifted himself a little too, though.)


  8. "Here, boy," from across the room does not work on cats.What a doofus. Must be fresh from Vet Shcool.At least Mr. Possie didn't bring the rels.


  9. Ack!Maybe I'd better go sift through the laundry a little better.(shudder)


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