my favorite part of thanksgiving

is a recipe I learned from a friend years ago.
and utterly simple.
I guess this is a little late for Thanksgiving this year….
but I make it at Christmas too.
And sometimes just to have it around any old time.


Cranberry Citrus Sauce.

You need:

Apricot jam, a small jar (a jar of Bonne Maman is good)
 a bag of fresh cranberries
three or four seedless tangerines, very fresh, and rinsed
a small packet of slivered almonds

Pick through the cranberries, and rinse them.
Toast the almonds by tossing them dry in a frying pan until they just begin to brown.
Quarter the tangerines, and remove the tough stem end.
Now liquify the entire tangerines, peels and all, in a blender, or with a hand blender, until they are reduced to a thick paste.

Empty the jam into a saucepan, and bring to a boil.
Add cranberries and the tangerine paste to the jam, and cook them lightly.
You don't want to overcook this and make the berries go all mushy, so watch carefully at this stage.
The cranberries will make little popping noises as they heat up.
When most of the cranberries are popping, add the toasted almonds, and remove from the heat.

In addition to being really good (some people around here are known to swipe it out of the fridge and eat it plain), it is also really, really pretty.
You can pour it into jelly jars and take it to pot lucks.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. YUMMY! I have all these ingredients! And I just printed off the recipe! Thanks! 😀


  2. seriously, we run out of this before the turkey is gone


  3. I have been wanting to make something from cranberries this year! I even have the little jam jars. 'twas a sign! 😉


  4. just cooked up and put in a jar in the fridge it keeps for at least a week(well, longer, but that's conservative, safe timing)so if you take it to someone, it's for eating right then.I imagine one could do a whole canning thing with it as well, but it would probably end up more "cooked."This is very fresh-berry like.


  5. Mmmm! I know that many in my family will love this. I'll make it at Christmas when lots of them will be around. It will disappear quickly!


  6. I just made straight cranberry sauce last year. I must try this one – make it a little earlier in a jar and it should be fine!


  7. That sounds absolutely delicious. It would taste so good with pancakes…


  8. I've been obsessing over this recipe the last couple of days, and even though it is neither T-giving nor Christmas, I made it today. I am eating it warm, by itself, as I write. it is delicious. very. citrusy, a little sweet, a little bitter. marvelouslike you said, it is very pretty.I followed the recipe just as outlined above. just a few notes/comments:- I couldn't find seedless tangerines, but I just seeded them. couldn't find organic ones so I scrubbed them very thoroughly with soap and rinsed them very well. maybe the tangerines I got are unusually juicy, but I didn't get a "thick paste" (I used a blender). – I used 1 lb. of fresh cranberries, an 8-oz jar of BM apricot jam, 4 tangerines, and 4-5 ox (½ of an 8-oz pack of slivered almonds).thanks again, lauo, for the recipe. lovely, lovely, lovely. and purplesque's comment is right: this would be amazing over pancakes (of which I have none).


  9. it's a very forgiving recipe… if it seems thin, toss in more apricot jam, try peach, or even orange marmalade pancakes?I like it on yogurt.or doesn't tend to hang around long.


  10. it came out great, it thickened just fine on heating. it is the texture of a marmalade studded with cranberries and almonds. mmmmm, yogurt. good idea. we also have english muffins. I think breakfast tomorrow is english muffins with this on top….I've been to the fridge twice to sneak spoonfuls


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