Happy Holidays Folks

This from the rather screwed-up folks administering Sair’s study abroad program in London:

This is a reminder that NYU in London is open during
Thanksgiving and that classes continue as normal this week.

Thanksgiving is not a reason for an
excused absence. Unexcused absences incur a 3% grade penalty.

As Sair said,
“And God bless us, every one.”

Even Dean Scrooge

(btw, a very representative sample of administrative communication there. ouch)

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Sigh. Once again, the "Upper Echelon" shows us……um…….what?


  2. Those Brits must hate Thanksgiving… TJ, do they? A friend of mine at work is married to a Brit who "hates" Thanksgiving and "absolutely refuses" to celebrate. And he lives here. Well, excuuuuuuse me, Mr. High n' Mighty.


  3. it's run by Americansit's just that they are rather peculiarand, um, like this


  4. as they say, when in rome, do as the romans do. when i lived abroad, i would't have expected a company with an american presence or ownership/management to close on account of it being an american holiday. makes no sense to me.


  5. I don't hate Thanksgiving but it would make as much sense for me to celebrate it as it would for an American to celebrate St Patrick's day….oh wait…damn…never mind.*giggles*


  6. NYU is based in the US so you would think….well, um, never mind. No logic here


  7. I'd expect them to perhaps give Thursday off; granted, maybe not the Friday to join up to the weekend, but surely 99% of the students are American in the first place? And the faculty too? Hey, I'd imagine many people would even not object to adding a class or two at a different time to make up for Thursday off.


  8. Yep, most of the students are American.And much, though not all, of the faculty.And they already do a scheduling thingy to make up for the fall break – so they could just do one more of them.Though, actually, I'm okay with them not doing it too, really.I just thought maybe a little happy Thanksgiving thought wouldn't hurt.The tone is typical.


  9. Yeah. I mean, we all wish our Canadian voxers Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, even when it's not the same day as ours. But, I guess we are just nice. 😉


  10. @tall-rich – why? why would you expect that? they're in a culture that doesn't mark thanksgiving.


  11. I wasn't so much thinking they'd drop everything and have Thanksgiving off.It's just that this particular way of marking it seems a bit gruff.Especially given that they inundate the kids with services about homesickness and adjusting and bugging them about their states of mind.Now that I think of it, of course, there's no reason they couldn't have done something.(It's a US university program; the student body is mostly Americans; they can, and do, make their own rules in general.)(Though, if they had, Sair wouldn't have gone within a hundred miles of it willingly…. She found great Japanese veggie take-out to celebrate the day.)


  12. Gruff? Really? Interesting. I found the information to be simple and straightforward. As someone who's lived abroad and worked in American-run workplaces, I would've been, hmmm, what is the word, disappointed if they'd " followed the Western calendar of holidays. If I'd "expected" or wanted that, I'd have stayed in the West. Japanese veggie takeout, hahah, yeah, prob'ly better than she would've gotten at the school! …


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