It’s almost funny

From here:

GOP Sues to End 'Soft Money' Ban

WASHINGTON — Republicans filed a lawsuit on Thursday seeking to
overturn the ban on unlimited campaign contributions that is the
cornerstone of a 2002 law designed to reduce the influence of big
donors in politics.

Following an election in which Democrats raised far more money from
small donors, the Republican National Committee lawsuit would allow
political parties to accept unlimited donations from corporations,
labor unions and wealthy individuals.

Because there has just got to be some way to get around the whole unpopular-with-the-electorate thing, ya know?

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8 responses to this post.

  1. OMFG! There is no shame any more, is there? 😛


  2. oh my god — is that what McCain was whining about during the campaign? I heard him wah wah wahing about "Obama said he wouldn't but he did" or whatever crap he was saying, and I couldn't understand what the hell he was whining about. And all it boiled down to was Obama got more campaign support from the little guys than McCain did? What a whiney bunch of losers. Instead of really giving any thought to what the hell they did wrong & why they didn't win, (and maybe trying to fix what's wrong with them) they'll do this shit instead.


  3. ha! And McCain championed it back in 2002. Rich.


  4. The irony — you're soaking in it.


  5. Oh, oh, oh, and this after their "Obama lets the same credit card be used without tracing names and addresses and maybe people are over-donating it's campaign fraud" whining? OMFG. This is TOO rich!


  6. Pathetic.


  7. Utterly disgusting. They continue to outdo themselves.


  8. Let me use my dark sun glasses….


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