A new favorite

Because who doesn't enjoy FAIL?

"France's President Sarkozy, shown here meeting with Emperor Palpatine, is pursued by Toulouse Lautrec"


"I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this one. Move along now, nothing to see here."

"I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for Google Maps getting all clone-happy in this part of Holland. It's probably just a secret alien landing site or something.

The whole area is full of Photoshopped artefacts. Theories welcome."

"Ode To A Photoshop Artist
Oh Mamma Mia Photoshop artist.
I see you working away at your poster.
You are delighted by the sparkling background.
The background is totally top notch.
Lets hope it distracts people from the hack job on her neck.
Perhaps she had a glandular infection.
Or is in the process of swallowing a whole melon.
You know, the way snakes swallow pigs.
There are many possible explanations."

Pages, and pages, and pages.

Here, go waste an afternoon.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. yay photoshop !


  2. LOL!Omg…..you are so right….I will be wasting an afternoon here….or two or three….


  3. lol – she looks like a boa constrictor


  4. That lady looks like one of those Brats dolls..huge head and little body.


  5. Bahaha, this one is labelled Thigh Anxiety


  6. aren't they just fascinating


  7. btw…eeek


  8. LOL! Awesome.


  9. the parismatch is rather odd. has he seen a doctor for that extra appendage?


  10. Very entertaining, thanks for adding yet another internet timewaster to my list!


  11. You know, and I always thought I just wasn't good enough to even TRY to do photoshop professionally…I need to give myself more credit.


  12. 😀 How did I miss this? Painful. Just painful.


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