Other Other Thing I Forgot to Mention

when I was ranting (a bit) about the woman I ran into at the grocery store.
In case you thought I was being a bit too harsh about her spirituality and all…

She brought up the economy.
She was describing her friend who lives in a retirement community and knows a couple who had lost $500K in the stock market crash, but even so were happy that the economic crisis at least helped elect Obama
Then she pointed out that the crash was all fine with her, since she doesn't have much to lose anyway.
(She's maybe all of about thirty, so saving isn't really an issue with her.)
And besides, it's all just money, you know.
She lives a rich inner life.

So, any older folks around?
You know, people who have pretty much watched their retirement savings dry up and blow away in the last few months?.
Maybe contemplating cat food for dinner?
Maybe hoping Walmart needs greeters (not likely) over the holidays?

Remember, folks, really, everything is just fine.
Keep up that rich inner life, and pay no attention to the medical bills, rent, utilities, and all the stuff mundane types like me spazz out about.

So I came home, and Tom wasn't back from work yet.
(He leaves at 6am, gets back at 8pm — another of those lazy academic types ya know.)
So I had to rant at the cats.
And here.

And the cats don't tend to comment much.
Unless I am failing to properly interpret things like hairballs, and knocked over trash baskets.
(Motley finds it offensive that we throw crumpled papers in trash baskets, so he knocks them over to liberate the contents – Free the Recycling, NOW! – Him's a Berkeley kitty)

So you guys get the ranting.

Some day soon I'll even post something calm and pleasant.
As soon as the world stops pelting me with this kind of thing.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. You know, I'm totally psyched to get a job at Target as a cashier, because my family is nearly destitute. My husband's work keeps cutting hours, we have medical debt, we have kids to feed, we can't afford to save to get a house, etc, etc…I realize right now there are large swathes of people who aren't effected, but it really does rankle when people just shrug and say the economy is resilient and isn't it great it helped Obama and just wait, everything will be fine.Well, everything might be fine in a year or two, but that won't buy my kids Christmas presents or keep our creditors from trashing our chances of owning a home anytime in the near future. *sigh*


  2. I have to admit this was the point in the conversation where I reached the back-away-slowly-no-sudden-moves stage, otherwise known as yikes-I-am-talking-with-a-full-tilt-looney.Compassion, much?


  3. God. Clueless!


  4. Ha. Aren't people just the worst? I really hate people…


  5. but would the world be better if it were run by cats, or bunnies…..(haz 2 think)


  6. i wish i could offer you an umbrella from that pelting. i do. but i don't have one myself. would the world be better run by cats, or bunnies? perhaps. but they shouldn't have us. people are the inferior ones, not the other way around.


  7. yes, I don't want to think of my fate if the world were run by bunnies.


  8. lol. why is that?


  9. I already spend much of my time feeling inadequate, incompetent, and the like.I suspect that bunny rulers would only make this worse.Like when I try to make a comfy place for the cats, and it is summarily rejected…


  10. oh, i see. well, i know you only through your blog but the ruling rabbits would cut you slack i reckon.


  11. cats comment obliquely. you're almost a fully cat-trained human.


  12. Ya know, guys, the "fundamentals of our economy are sound." What sound? The flushing of a toilet???I am just sick for all the people living on the edge. So far we are ok, but my brother is teetering. He has to work until next summer to get his 30 years in at his company. If the company will even last until next summer. These are scary times.


  13. The fundamentals of our economy are NOT strong! That was one of the biggest lies, ever. Our economy was built on the back of the midwest, on labor and industry, and living in the midwest I can tell you that the sound I hear is a huge sucking vacuum.


  14. Yep. I kinda sorta can get my mind around him trying not to panic people…but it was another HUGEmongous blunder in a whole series of blunders. And that's fine with me. 😛


  15. I'm sorry I missed this and your other posts….People like that lady — GRRRRRRRR. Total lack of something…brains? empathy? I'm so scared of the future that I'm having nightmares. The world is a mess. And yet, on TV, there are still shows about the rich and the very rich and how great their lives are and such…..And around the world there are people who are FAR worse off than we are. GAH. If anyone says anything like this to me I'm going to give him/her a piece of what's left of my mind. Fortunately, I'm not going out to stores much (no $$$$$) so I don't run into other people. I do have to go to the supermarket, but I make a fierce face and they leave me alone. ((hugs))


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