Just when it seems to be making sense

They come up with something like this:

"The final “mega'' demographic trend is the rise of a new
generation of voters — the so-called millennials — whose
political leanings have been shaped by the last two presidencies.

History shows a strong relationship between the popularity
of the presidents in power and the political leanings of the
generations who came of age during their administrations, said
Scott Keeter, director of survey research at the Pew Research
in Washington.

The millennials “have two presidents they can remember in
their adulthood,'' Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton, Keeter said at
the Brookings forum. “This has been very good for the Democratic
brand with this age group.''

Secular Voters

Another reason this group is moving toward the Democratic
may be that the percentage of secular voters is expanding
rapidly while the enthusiasm gap between white evangelicals and
other groups has narrowed significantly, according to Bill
Galston, a senior fellow at Brookings. The percentage of secular
voters more than doubled during the 1990s to 15 percent of the
population, and it's even higher among young voters."

Okay, clear enough so far….

"Still, some Republicans said analysts are overstating the
political implications of these demographic shifts.

“As soon as these young people get away from communal
living and get married with children they usually take a
different view on life,'' said John Morgan, a Republican
consultant and demographer."

(From here)

Ummmm, you silly millennial hippie kids and your filthy communes….

No, wait, those were the 60s.
Dang, the Republicans are having flashbacks.

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18 responses to this post.

  1. uhh…what??? Where the hell did they come up with anyone nowadays getting away from "their communal living"??? McCain's thinking that he's living in his "my fellow prisoner" days must be contagious…


  2. I know, there I was, innocently reading along, and then the guy pops that one out.wtf?Time warp?


  3. Too many drugs, man!


  4. That'll teach you to let your guard down missy.&:oPI watched 2 different shows over the weekend — one with Karl Rove and the other with Jerry Falwell. And almost every single thing that came out of their mouths had me sitting there saying wtf. WTF indeed…


  5. So did I ——– and probably for the same reason as you — not because he was GOOD for the job, but just because ANYTHING was better than frickin' Bush…&:o(


  6. lauowolf — you're good at finding these articles. I KNOW I can't look this one up on my work computer (it'll DEFINATELY be blocked…) but Bill Maher said that the other day McCain said something about he feels that "taxes should be cunt"…(sorry — but that's what he supposedly said.) Can you find any article that references THAT slip of his senile tongue???


  7. I'll see if I can find it….


  8. Yuuup…and too many people thought that he'd clean up what he started. HA! Good joke


  9. *waves hand in front of face* Woah…..that's trippy man!!!


  10. found it:youtube.com/watch?v=y0YVzzNNuho


  11. They may be talking about living in dorms and fraternities- but these days you don't graduate college and start popping out kids right away.And then there's the fact that I "switched loyalties" away from the republican party AFTER having kids.Hm…


  12. I can't see videos…Tell me — does he look flustered after he says it? Or does he have no clue…I want to smack myself in the head when I see the clip of him saying about how some people are saying alot of bad things about the people in western Pennsylvania lately and he (McCain) "couldn't agree with them more…" (dumb @$$…)


  13. he realizes that he misspoke and corrects it.doesn't seem much phazed by it.


  14. Seems like a odd way to express that.I'd expect more like "when these kids set out on their own, and have jobs and families…."The relevant point really being pressures of real life.And yes, said pressures can push in different directions.


  15. Nothing phazes him — he's a maverick…


  16. I wish they would just get on with it and get it over with. Well, it's almost over.


  17. I thought I was confused!Are they for real?Good grief!!!! LSD = Long-Suffering Democrats?*skips merrily away, blowing daisy kisses to the blue blue sky*


  18. ygrs, if I never hear the word "maverick" again it will be too soon.


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