You actually might want to see this one

Worth pointing out that when he's grabbing the camera, and threatening the police, she is out on the public sidewalk.

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  1. I'm wondering why she didn't call him on the fact that she wasn't on private property. Anyway she's had her revenge bigtime. Imagine being the star of that little thug routine viewed by thousands on Youtube.


  2. I saw that one yesterday. The one guy at the end was pretty nice. But umm why are they bitching about ACORN paying people to register voters while paying people to register voters. And why can't they talk to people if that's all they're doing? ugh. I loved how she told him to go ahead and start the process of getting the police involved.


  3. Good ol' politics.


  4. Wow, lauo. Flashback to the Marcos regime, big time. We'll have nuns guarding ballot boxes and having their heads smashed in by armed goons, next. 😛


  5. Wow. Just wow.


  6. Someone got out on the wrong side of his bed ;-)It always amazes me how it quite often seems to be big men who become these situation.I would have been happy for the police to come so I could have seen how they would have handled the situation, given she was on public land.At least the first and the last guy were nice and polite.


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