cause I hate it when those pesky judges try to vote

A lovely long AP article on efforts to suppress the vote.
From here:

"But faulty registrations rarely turn into illegal votes. While ACORN
has admitted to errors in its registration process, documented cases of
illegally cast ballots remain rare. A five-year investigation by the Bush administration resulted in the convictions of only 26 voters found guilty of voting more than once, registration fraud, or ineligible voting.

“This is not a plan that was hatched yesterday,” said Daniel Tokaji, an election law specialist at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. “The Republican party is using the whole ACORN rap as a justification for the stringent ballot security measures they are urging.”

Over the past week, courts threw out several cases challenging the implementation of the match requirements.

On Wednesday, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner told county boards of elections that they could not challenge voters on Election Day or reject absentee ballots based solely on a mismatch with the state databases.

The Ohio Republican party had sued Brunner, a Democrat, to force her to
provide county election boards with the names of nearly 200,000 newly
registered voters whose information did not match state databases. Last
week, the Supreme Court found that the party had no right to sue, effectively backing Brunner's position.

A few hours after the decision, Republican fundraiser David Myhal filed nearly the same suit in state court.

Van Hollen filed a similar suit in Wisconsin, asking a state judge to force the bipartisan board of elections to retroactively check the information of everyone who registered to vote from January 2006 to August 2008.

Wisconsin election officials admit that their database incorrectly
flags voters at least 20 percent of the time. When the six members of
the state elections board, all retired judges, ran their own
registrations through the system, four were incorrectly rejected"

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