Want to hear Olympic level denial?

McCain interviewed by Imus here
The man lives in a world of his own.

And the bit about the crowds at his rallies?
This lot look like a random selection.
Which is to say, the press captures of hate speech at his rallies aren't aren't lone nut  exceptions.
These events are all about being fired up to hate.
Maybe McCain likes the taste of it, I don't know, but there's footage like this from all over.

The sooner this election is over, the better.
I'm not saying I think the guy with the monkey or the other people spewing hatred here are otherwise kind and gentle people whose company I would enjoy.
But I do think we are seeing these people at their worst.
And this violent, hating side is being purposely appealed to at McCain/Palin rallies.
Maybe when this pathetic pair stop waving about the raw meat, the beast side of these crowds will recede.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. "Maybe when this pathetic pair stop waving about the raw meat, the beast side of these crowds will recede."I can barely watch the videos. I just want to crawl in a hole. Shame SHAME on them for inciting this kind of crap. They should absolutely be cowering in fear and horror at what they have wrought. It's a CRIME. It makes me furious. I pray continuously that calmer heads and minds will prevail.(pray in my sense of the word, of course)


  2. McCain and Imus in the same piece of audio? Ohpleasedon'tmakeme listen. As for the crowds, I guess that's why they're called "the base", because they are base.


  3. *shudders*I hope hopehopehopehope that things will settle down after the election. I hope the election will be over after the election and not a protracted legal morass that makes the hate carp fester. *whimpers*


  4. The interesting part of that otherwise rather repellent hunk of verbiage is that you can almost hear Imus' thought balloon going "John, wake up and smell the coffee."


  5. I'd seen and posted the guy with the monkey before, I hadn't seen the rest from that event… wow when you see it all together… just so sad


  6. The raw meat tends to attract flies too.


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