Anyone else thinking about this?

As the stock market continues to dwindle alarmingly, remember how hot Bush was about the idea of privatizing social security?
Not hearing so much about that.

Oh, but there is this, from the LA times, July 14, 2008:

McCain takes a risk on Social Security

By Peter Wallsten

July 14, 2008

in print edition A-1

It was a spectacular flop: a president making dozens of fruitless
trips around the country to build support for a plan his own party’s
leadership refused to accept.

But President Bush’s failed push to privatize Social Security has not deterred John McCain from putting forward the same idea – and from risking a similar political disaster.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Actually I did think of Bush's failed plan to privatize social security. I was thinking about it earlier this week….thinking it was maybe the only pooch that didn't get screwed. Seems all the rest have. Thank goodness that one got away.


  2. *shakes head* So scary. So VERY scary.


  3. We have been discussing this a lot…the disaster that would have been privatized social security. Ha. And now to hear that McCain still thinks it's a good idea. Talk about slow on the uptake.


  4. I don't know if he still thinks it – this is as of July.Who know what he thinks about anything at the moment?Just that he did think it would be a good idea.


  5. Oh, now they're just making stuff up as they go along!


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