I was off today hunting for a door, approximately 30X70.
There's a long story involving a tenant driving into the already-feeble door of the garage.
We're replacing the non-functional garage door with a stationary garage door containing a people door, since it's just for storage anyway.
Because it was built in like 1925, and cars were smaller then – if you drive a car into it now, you have to pick the side you want to open a door on.
(And because replacing it as a garage door would apparently require rebuilding the corner of the house….)
So I went here:


and hunted through this:


And found a possibility – 28X70 — good enough? I have to check.

But as I was walking around gawking (a set of 8 matching 78X38 redwoods sliding doors anyone?), I notice most of the staff hanging out by the sinks, consulting intensely.
While I was walking past, I caught this, "The kittens are still up behind that wall, but I saw them out last night."
The nice man who showed me where they kept the short doors explained to me that they trap their ferals and fix them and bring them back…..sound familiar?

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Urban Ore is a great place just to putter. It's neat. So I'm glad they take care of the kitties too. We drive past there once a month so I will think positively of the kitties then. Good karma.


  2. Yay for fixing ferals!


  3. That is so wonderful (about teh kitties). Sounds like a cool place to meander around, even if you don't need a door or a sink…


  4. how cool is that


  5. there was a cobalt blue double sink…dang.I have nowhere to put it, but was still tempted…


  6. yay! for helping the homeless kitties.


  7. Hooray for cat-aid!!!!!Urban Ore? Don't know that one, but it sounds like a truly cool place to go.Congrats on finding something close to what you need.Isn't it amazing how many things were smaller, a long time ago?


  8. Oh what a wonderful story! *goes away glowing*


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