Best. Dog. Video. Ever.

Because of my continuing blogging stoopidity, you have to go see it  here.
(Scroll down to October 9, "Dogs are the best.)
Any arguments?

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Yeah, that's good stuff. Marley acts like that every day when I get home from work. Is it any wonder why dogs are known as man's best friend?Thanks for the link. 😀


  2. I mean, my cats like me.sigh


  3. Yeah…it was hard to see the screen through the tears and the laughter and I hate cheesy stuff….Can you imagine our cats acting like that? Ouch!


  4. well I couldn't even bring myself to watch it!!


  5. Those are some happy dogs!


  6. Wow! Dogs are just great, aren't they? They genuinely miss you.


  7. Those are some happy pups 🙂


  8. Oh, man!!!!! Dogs really do get happy, don't they? That's adorable and sweet.Do you think it would do any good to show it to Sweetie? He's not into the "pack" thing……..So cute!!!!!!!


  9. Hmmmm… The link is not working but I'm just guessing that it's the video of the guy coming home from Iraq and his two dogs givin him the love. How right am I?


  10. you are sooo right


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