Acorn Thing

Yer basic political smearing at it's worst.
I mean, even the Wall Street Journal, not your left-flack, admits there is more smoke than fire.

Basically, the Republicans are conflating two problems here:

1) People out registering new voters get paid for the number of new voters they sign up.  Some of these people inflate their earnings by inventing voters.  Sometimes people register although they are already in the system. Since they know this can happen, Acorn does check all the submitted applications, and flag the suspicious ones before turning them over to the states. They can't do any more than that, because if someone fills out a voter registration card they must hand over that card. And you want them to have to.

So when they raided the Nevada Acorn office over suspected fraudulently submitted voter registration forms, those fraudulent forms had already been marked as suspicious by Acorn. So part of the information about suspicious voter forms  had come from Acorn itself.
This is just headline grabbing.
Not one is claiming that the guy who registered as "Batman" was planning to show up to vote fraudulently.

An interesting aside, from that same WSJ article:

Justine Fox-Young, a Republican state legislator from Albuquerque, says
that even if illegal votes are relatively rare, "every fraudulent vote
cast cancels out a legitimate one. This is New Mexico, where every
election is close."

Anyone else catch the unstated assumption here? 
Illegal voters are all Democrats, and Republican voters are "legitimate."


2) The other, real, problem is the question of actual attempts to manipulate votes. 
Specifically, to effect the ability of real people to cast their votes and have them counted. 
Unlike the previous, largely cosmetic, issue above, this is the kind of thing that effects elections.

Here's an interesting article on real voter fraud.

Right now, they are talking about the voter registration of tens of thousands of people who believe they are ready to go vote in November, who may well turn up at the polls to find — woops!

For example: "A spokesman for the Louisiana secretary of state said that about half
of the numbers of the voters removed from the rolls were people who
moved within the state or who died. The remaining 11,000 or so people
seem to have been removed by local officials for other reasons that
were not clear, the spokesman said."
Reasons that are not clear?
Give me a break.

Or: "In Colorado, some 37,000 people were removed from the rolls in the
three weeks after July 21. During that time, about 5,100 people moved
out of the state and about 2,400 died, according to postal data and
death records.
Oops, doing the math hastily, hmmm 37,000 minus 7,500, that means there are 29,500 who are off the voter rolls.
Wonder if they know?


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4 responses to this post.

  1. I live in the St. Louis area. In 2000 I waited a loooooong time in a very slow moving line to vote only to find out my name had been removed from the list….the excuse….you didn't vote in the primaries. Can you believe that ??? I was told I could cast a provisional ballot, but only after they were able to contact the main office which was taking no calls. I was FURIOUS !!!!! I was one of the 1,000s of people in St. Louis City and County who were robbed.


  2. yikes…..well, hope you're ready for one more time, cos I bet this year will be particularly bad.


  3. H-band and I were just talking about this the other day. This is a great snapshot of the issue.


  4. It's just so wrong! There was a fairly big story earlier this week about the "voter purges" here in CO. (Colorado, not Cute Overload). I don't care if it would take time, but they should ask the people before removing them from any list. Grrrrr. I checked my registration, and I'm good


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