Awww so sweet

At the end of the debate, the McCains were out of there like a shot.
(For all that one handshake thing they are rocketing out over the interwebs right now.)
But the Obamas stayed and greeted the whole crowd for almost half an hour afterwards.
(Not just the former military guy.)
The major networks had already left.
But the Obamas waited to thank their audience, and do a meet and greet.
I mean, it's as if they, uh, like people.

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  1. Geeeee….which candidate do you think made the best impression with that crowd ?? I guess McCain had to race on outta there to engage in more hate speech.


  2. Well, he may have been exhausted.I mean, I truly don't think he's up for the debates, let alone the job.


  3. We thought it was very interesting that both Obamas were out shaking hands, each on a different end of the room, while stepford Cindy stood behind her main smiling with her hands behind her back.


  4. I listened to a bit of feedback after the debate was over and all anyone could talk about was that nasty "That one" comment and the tone in which it was spoken.


  5. Basically in this house there was synchronous jaw-dropping.Followed by, "He didn't just say that."In Latin, when you are learning the demonstrative pronouns (this, that), there is one you learn that seems really weird: iste — which is literally what McCain did last night — "iste" used of the unnamed opponent in denigration", to avoid calling him by his name.Never thought I'd see it go by on the hoof.


  6. I think that this kind of observation is just as important as their thoughts and ideas on policy and such. If he has no ability to connect with people and be gracious, how can he be President?


  7. I can't imagine him in international relations.You can't just bully other countries.


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