You go, girl!

VP Debate Pushed Undecided Voters to Obama

An Ipsos/McClatchy poll
found that Gov. Sarah Palin's performance in last week's vice
presidential debate actually hurt her running mate, Sen. John McCain,
among undecided voters.

Before the debate, undecided voters were leaning 56%
to 44% for McCain. The day after the debate, the numbers tilted
52% to 48% for Sen. Barack Obama.

Said pollster Clifford Young: "It's suggesting an overall tendency of undecideds toward Obama, so it
is significant. We're catching an underlying trend that's going on."

The poll also found that Sen. Joe Biden won the debate, 54% to 46%.

from here

So, maybe she's a stealth Democrat???

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Hooray!!!Lol. If she's a stealth Democrat, it's without her knowledge. And let's keep it that way! šŸ˜€


  2. I just finished watching the Charles Gibson interview with her, on YouTube. I think it's even better than the Couric interview, which I watched parts of earlier. I lost count of how many times he told her she hadn't answered his question so he wanted clarification. He would have been perfect as the moderator at the Biden/Palin debate.


  3. I find it SO scary that those polls are still fairly close to 50-50… what's wrong with people??? How can they even consider this woman? At least she has endless entertainment value. (but still: scary!)


  4. Drove by the local Obama hdqtrs today — I think the front door was smiling — YAY for this good news!


  5. Drude, I'm guessing, maybe a lot of Americans still don't have a greater world awareness? Maybe a lot of them are living in the past?


  6. "So, maybe she's a stealth Democrat???"It's either that or Joe Sixpack is.


  7. Maybe Rove is the stealth Dem. Consider: Having finally seen the evil of his ways, he decides the best way to repent is by using his deceitful powers for good. One such act would be suggesting the Palin pick to the McCain camp. He manipulates McCain the way he did Dubya, only with new found motivations and intentions. McCain gobbles up the advice of the Republican party's greatest swindler, never knowing he's the one being swindled. The path to Rove's redemtion begins strong with the swearing in of Barack Obama as president following a landslide victory. Rove goes on to teach Ethics In Political Science and joins Al Gore in the fight against global warming.Naaaaah. This is Karl Rove we're talking about. That was fanatsy fiction up there. Be nice, though, wouldn't it?


  8. "It's either that or Joe Sixpack is." Awesome. *claps*


  9. On CNN today almost all of the pundits were really highly critical about her not answering questions during the debate.


  10. I know.(not understanding how the polls can still be so close). My husband is all "there's no WAY McCain will win", but I am still too afraid that this country is going to continue to be run by Crazies.


  11. Lol. I love your scenario!


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