If McCain were as hero..

He'd have taken his lumps in 2000, looked at his age, and decided to be an elder statesman.
It worked for Teddy Kennedy.
It's working for Al Gore.
He could have worked on reforming the Republicans from inside, using his secure seat in Arizona to continue his fight against the monstrosity that was Bush.
He could have been the voice of reason conservatives have lacked for the past eight years.
He could have spoken out against torture — and stuck to it.
Instead of caving on waterboarding, which is what he did.
He could have fought the kind of financial corruption that sullied his name in the Keatings affair with the meltdown of the savings and loans.
He could have used that experience as a reformer.
But he didn't.
A lot of people have commented that they don't know what happened to the McCain of 2000, who seemed to be a man with some sense of honor or decency.
They hardly recognize the man running in 2008.
Because this time he wants the presidency in the worst possible way.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. A rather perfect example of the cost of ambition… I hope one day he can see what he has become.


  2. You mean he wants it like any other Republican? :p


  3. Ugh.You are SO right!!!


  4. I doubt that he will ever see what he has become. He has almost a maniacal gleam in his eye. He is drooling with desire for power.


  5. But (bottom lip quiver) …but, Al Gore isn't old enough to be an elder statesman….He's only 60. He looks pretty healthy to me. (wink-wink)There's still a, ……..chance, yes? Waaaaahhhhhh…..!


  6. Aww, I didn't mean Gore's old.Just that he seems to have opted out of the high stakes presidential electoral stuff.Which means he doesn't have to be trying to please all the people all the time.So he can focus instead on real problems.(Not having to worry about whether undecided voters in Ohio will be happy about what he says.)Teddy K dropped the presidential pursuit after Chappaquiddic, and instead became a powerful voice in the Senate for decades.I'd love to see a President Gore, but I don't think it's where he's heading.And I think he has the potential to be an important independent voice for decades.


  7. Very well said!!


  8. Damn right! And well said. Also, it is interesting that Al raised a whoooole lot in my esteem when he stepped aside. It was classy. McCain is like school in the summertime: no class.


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