Early Palin fib

You gotta check this out here:

Um, the "ten years"?
It's either gotta be a total lie, or the poor woman is unteachable.
Estimates from the flute board I frequent are +/- two years.
This is low intermediate-level playing, otherwise known as what only a mother could love. 
Been there, years ago.
(as a mom whose kid did ten years of lessons….)

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8 responses to this post.

  1. Who has time for flute lessons when she's busy reading all of the newspapers and magazines?


  2. But hey — she can see Ian Anderson from her house…&;oP


  3. D'oh! You beat me too it, YGRS, because I had to Google his name! Great minds, baby.


  4. agh!! That's funny!&:o)


  5. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!I'd say it sucked but it actually blew.I'm sorry — that was really really tacky, but she irritates me THAT MUCH!!!!!!


  6. This information from my flute list.So I stand corrected, beginning level, not intermediate.Oh…also a little Galway history lesson from an OLD FLUTIST. Galway > arranged this piece (sort
    of) in a book for beginning flutists called > James Galway The Wayward wind. This piece The Homecoming.. .is on pg 7 > The first piece in the book. I actually have the book. Galway also > played these pieces on an old cassette version of some of his pop > pieces. I have both the Cassette and the book, since I am OLD. > The other pieces include "Don't it make my Brown eye Blue", Duelin > Banjos, Shenandoah, Montana Skies, Piper, Piper, The Wayward Wind and > a few more. They were actually Transcribed for flute by Stan Webb.


  7. *plugs ears* LA LALALA-LA-LA LALA-LA-LA-LA LA LA


  8. LMAO! She reads so many she can't even remember the name of a single one of them! The woman is a machine!


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