Their title says it all “McCain Gets Testy”

 See it  here

And here (gotta like that smile at the end.)

And here (notice the mad blinking while fibbing?)
And what does honorable service have to do with lying?

Granddad doesn't like uppity questions.
And note the early confusion between "principle" and "premise".
(And see my mad skills at creating a link too.)

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11 responses to this post.

  1. "And note the early confusion between 'principle' and 'premise'".But he berates Obama for confusing "tactic" and "strategy". Har.Can't wait to get home and watch these (can't watch vids at work). Not that I need more anti-McCain ammo, but then, Righties will tell you that you can never be too well-armed, so…


  2. yeah, but they also tell you that everything negative about Obama is true because they say so, but everything negative about McCain is an evil left wing conspiracy…


  3. Hey you do links GREAT!!those are mind-blowing. Gah! (thank you for posting them…..)


  4. the excessive blinking is giving credence to rumors about a recent stroke or mini-stroke…


  5. Did you see the brief clip of him getting lost on stage?
    It was an "oh no" moment for anyone worried that Sarah Palin could be president.


  6. Tell me about it. Obama's supposedly an elitist, but McCain is the one who can't tell you how many houses he owns. They say Obama is inexperienced, but gush over McCain's ditzy running mate pick. Oh, and don't get me started on lapel pins and little bracelets…


  7. Oh, but McCain can't tell you how many houses HE owns because his WIFE owns some and some are owned by CORPORATIONS, so it was about SEMANTICS.(My mother honestly argued that point with me. I was like, "yes, and the average American is married to an heiress who keeps some of the family homes in the company's name?" GAH!)


  8. Not to mention that the average American keeps family homeS? Wait, he still can't tell how many HE owns? And that's his excuse? And there's still the multiple home(s) thing going on there, his wife owns Some, and some are owned by Corporations. Ok so he's living out of homes provided to him by Corporations? That's something that should be recorded under income and possibly campaign contributions then right?
    I mean, it's one thing to have a time share, or a type of vacation home or cottage/cabin what have you. but to lose track of the number of your residences? Whether they're "owned" by you or not. That usually falls under the category of traveling salesman right? Different motel room each night?
    Somehow I've just made myself even more worried about our future, simlply by comparing McCain to a traveling salesman.


  9. What an arrogant tosser! I can't wait for his concession speech.


  10. Now, he always gets a widdle gwumpy before he has his juicebox.


  11. all this campaigning, he misses his naps


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