Soooo……..Which One of These Sounds Presidential to You?


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  1. This is good. This is good!!!


  2. Ya know what? Let's give a big "thumbs down" to The Thumb.


  3. I heard McCains reaction on NPR while making dinner and all I could do was stand there and blink (Yeah, I know we aren't supposed to blink because stopping what your doing to think over a situation is the worst thing in the world but I did it anyhow.). I can't believe there are people out there that still don't see through him, he's as transparent as cling wrap anymore..and I'm not talking about the fancy holiday green and red stuff, either.


  4. Yeah, I sort of felt the same thing this afternoon. He blames someone else, then says it's not time to lay blame and play politics… it makes my head hurt. I'm afraid I'm going to esplode. 😦


  5. Yeah, i liked the way he says it's Obama's fault than without even taking a breath says it's no time to go casting blame…. enough to make you head spin.How can anyone even listen to this stuff with a straight face?


  6. I know! All in one sentence! At first I thought "did I just hear that right?" Like I said… sometimes it makes me feel like my head is going to explode.


  7. Waaaait….what? Because Obama has that much power ::rolls eyes:: Yeesh


  8. I went to the link. The last paragraph was priceless.


  9. something about pots and kettles comes to mind


  10. I couldn't agree more. Lots of steam…..but no tea.


  11. Maybe McSame needs a political science lesson considering it was the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that voted against the bailout.


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