Because I am just that immature

Watched the debates tonight with Sair, via Skype.
(Because, you know, there's nothing like keeping your kid up til 5am her time.)
We had a great epiphany:

John McCain is a thumb!

But to be more responsible for a moment, here's an interesting link re debate:
It really is worthwhile reading through this stuff.

I am told there is a similar site for McCain as well, but that it doesn't give links to back up its claims.  I'm not interested in claims without footnotes, ya know?
Had enough of that from McCreep in the debate.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Geeeze….he looks a lot like George Bush…..Hmmmmm…wonder why ???


  2. Have you ever enjoyed people watching? Hehe, there are people more thumby than McCain. (I'm as immature as you are, lol!)I didn't watch the debate, but I heard McCain blinked too much…and blinking a lot is usually a sign of lying *tsk tsk*


  3. tsk tsk… also it was noted that he didn't look at Obama, not once…..another of those tells


  4. HA! He IS a thumb. And a tool and a cork and a numbnuts.
    Mr. BigshotBlowhardDropeverynameofeverycityI'veeversetfoot in McPain.
    Bleah! See the list I just posted…it's got some great comparisons on it.


  5. Oh, btw, lauowolf, thanks for that factcheck site! It will come in VERY handY! 😀


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