Pretty much how I feel

There's this great website:
Updates on the the poll results, comments, shows history on them, cool.

Except that I've been looking at these things too much.
And now I'm starting to empathize with graphs.

For example, Florida, 2004, 2008.

Prostrate with a headache, poor thing.

And Ohio?

Sticking its finger in an electrical socket?
Pounding its head on the floor?

And, or course, my poor state:

Looks as if its laid out for a crime scene.
(Oh, and maybe put on a few pounds since 2004.)

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14 responses to this post.

  1. well, thank you very much. I just needed one more site to follow compulsively ;)triple LOL at California as a crime scene. right on, including the weight gain.


  2. I'm so sorry.I sign on and stare at it.I guess it's like watching water boil.I'm going to shift those number by sheer will power.


  3. these diagrams are making my head hurt!


  4. That's interesting. Here are my state's graphs


  5. Gak – dem's dirty pictures!Shame on you.those shameless red and blue people


  6. Are the Obama McCain graphs real?


  7. yep, all of them are the latest sets for each state, as of yesterday


  8. Wow…I'm not from Missouri but have lived here for quite awhile. Obama won the Dem primary, which actually surprised me because Missouri isn't the most progressive state. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for responding !!


  9. This is too bizarre. I pasted this link into the browser:


  10. gah. that's scary


  11. Probably has to do with your ip address. I thought I'd confuse it, since I'm in Canada… went to the website, and got a whole map to choose from, but with a banner at the top advertising "". It knows things.


  12. It knows things…..probably more than we want it to know.


  13. I may just have to "throw away my vote" and go 3rd party for the second time in 3 total presidential elections I've had the opportunity to vote.


  14. Yeah. I'm in a "battleground state," and I understand this intellectually (having just had to do statistical analysis of population distribution for work), and yet. there are only McShame signs in our hood in the capital of the confederacy. (and that ain't really no joke). Except ours. Guess we won't be invited to the neighborhood bbq next year, eh?


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