ACK _ My Posts are Gone!

Not all of them, but some I know ought to be there.
There was one on kitty litter brands.
There were at least a couple on the petfood thing last year.
That's what I went to look for, and there is no sign of it.
I wanted to retrieve some of the information from it, and it's gone???????

Vox is eating my posts!
What do I do now?

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Holler at the Vox techies – there have been all kinds of problems over the past 2 & 1/2 weeks….


  2. hokay. I found your kitty litter brands post. here I have no idea why you can't find it or see it.the reason I found it, is because over a year ago, I saved this lovely VOX search app written by the lovely and clever Xantus of xantus.vox.comthis is the first time I've used it, and I'm happy to see it working flawlessly. as an add, I first searched using VOX's own worse-than-useless-search and came up with nothing.


  3. mariser, you are amazing. I added that voxsearch engine to my firefox.


  4. aw, lauri, shucks. you are too, to give props to the real amazing genius, here's the VOX search post.more geekery: the reason that VOX's own search is worse-than-useless, is that it only searches tags. Xantus's VOX search app does context search. as it should.


  5. I found the kitty litter post too – it was in my favorites.


  6. going to go see what I find — Thanks all!


  7. Thank you from me too. Hope I find a missing post of mine too. Good luck, lauo.


  8. it only searches tagsand it can't even do that


  9. I be favoriting this post fer future reference if it be necessary


  10. i can't help or explain, only offer my sympathies … and slap the wrist of Vox.


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