No one needs to know the truth about what you’re really doing in your office.

But I have to admit that when Redz said that, I started to wonder what really goes on behind that closed door….


or maybe:


or perhaps even, after a particularly bad day:


Because we all know, it's bigger on the inside.


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6 responses to this post.

  1. lol at the tardis. The pub on the corner has a kitchen I suspect is the tardis. It looks tiny yet you see endless workers streaming in and they serve up about a hundred meals.


  2. It's the only possible explanation


  3. Well, it's too bad I don't have an office…


  4. i'm unemployed (not by desire) and job-hunting and after seeing this make a point of requesting a peek behind the closed door at interviews. if i see the first pic, i'm not taking the job.


  5. Uh, oh!! somebody was peeking……….hahah — those are a riot!


  6. Lol…darn, I wish I had an office, too!


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