5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

And OMG indeed.
We fly out Tuesday morning.

To add to the jolly mix of tasks below, there is a new one.
Just when I thought I had at least gotten all the travel plans solid…

We booked our trip to London via Dublin, to visit Tom's relatives.
(The ones who are relatively nearby in case Sair has some kind of awful emergency whose nature I cannot even comprehend.)
And they are lovely people.
Then we take the ferry across to Wales (cos I love ferries), a full day in Wales (cos it's Wales), then the train to London, hotel in Bloomsbury, near Sair's college, and five days to hang out before dropping her off.
Sounds great.

Anyway, yesterday I was Googling around with other questions, and


it appears I have messed up Sair's student visa.

It's a UK visa, so the customs people at the Dublin airport don't entry stamp it, because they are the Republic of Ireland and not the UK.
They went to some difficulty to achieve this, and aren't going to undo it now.
But even so, apparently  British Isles, all of them, Skye and the lot, are inside of some kind of free travel group, so going from the Republic of Ireland to the UK doesn't provide an entry stamp either.
So they are separate, but not all that separate.
Who knew?

I've been madly phoning and emailing people on the question.
It may be that we can find some guy in an office in London who can see that she is there and stamp it.
Or if nothing else works, I suspect she could grab a cheap flight to Paris, turn around and come back and be entry stamped over the weekend.
 But it may also all be moot.

We applied for her Irish citizenship back in January, and we told to expect it to take at least 18 months, or more.
It came last week.
We can now apply for an Irish passport, and are told that one will take 4-8 weeks.
Apparently when one has a dual citizenship like this, what happens is that the US passport is for  entering and exiting the US proper, but for traveling within, and staying endlessly, legally, in the EU the Irish passport is used.
So I think she can just stay happily in London this fall (though I mail her the Irish passport when it arrives here, as insurance).
She can come home for Christmas on her US passport, leave in January on the US passport, but use the Irish one on arriving in London again, to enter the UK.
And it won't matter whether The US one was entry-stamped in August or not, because she can be in London on her Irish passport perfectly legally.

I think.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! I've missed a lot. I thought she was going to NYU!
    Good luck with all your travelling and visas/etc.! very exciting but nerve racking! or is it nerve wracking?


  2. Yep Sair can legally reside and work in any EU country freely, unless She does something really illegal when She can be deported to Ireland. Even better Ireland and UK have specail entry provsions you used not need a passport but just ID.
    You made one small mistake that is one that confuses most people, the UK and Great Britian aren't the same, A EU passport only garentees entry and rssidence in the UK not GB which includes the Channel Islands and the Ise of Man, which are legally separate Nations.
    Where are you going in Wales? Sorry you missed the Esitedthodd


  3. My nerves are utterly wracked.It's NYU, but freshman year classes in London.(I wanna stay and live in her closet all year.)…still figuring this out.So with her Irish passport, she can/can't stay in London.(I'm still confused.)We're coming in on the Dublin-Holyhead ferry, and staying for a day.So we're still figuring out what to see an easy day trip from there.Isn't the place they filmed The Prisoner nearby?


  4. Irish Passport She can visit and live or work in any where in the EU, so She can't work in CI IoM and Canary Island. As soon as She can She should also apply for a European Health Insurance Card, She can do it on line in London, it will stop any awkwardness when Drs, Dentist hear Her American Accent, EU citizens particularly Irish in Uk and UK in Ireland enjoy full health care, including possibly Wisom teeth extraction?
    Did some digging on HO and Border authority websites, Sair need only demonstarte the willingness to return at the end of the Visa, ie a return ticket but not with a date on it, but once She gets her Irish passport or natralization papers, She should advise the Boarder Authority so the work restictions would be lifted I doubt She will have time to but a Student Visa only allows 20 hr/week work outside of term dates, An Irish Passport She can work freely, and a lot of govenment jobs open to Her, technically She can even Vote?
    Sorry bit rambling
    Irish Passport She can live work even Vote and use the NHS freely a EHIC (E111) would be useful, it proves Her intitlement and being Irish not just emergency treatment.
    The prisioner was filmed in Portmerrion it is close to Holyhead in fact you can get to it by a steam train I think


  5. A steam train??Utterly cool.Hardly rambling, and very useful!Thanks.


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