Great flickring photobuckets, Batcat!

The next thing I am working on is dealing with stuff.

I'm going to start with photos,
I have boxes and boxes of them, mine, my family's, Tom's family's, Sair's, and what-the-hell-is-this.
The time has come to sort out, scan, label, and otherwise reduce to some kind of coherence the lot.

So, has anyone done this?
Is there any reason to favor one site over the other?
In fact, is one of the photo sharing sites what I need?
My only constraints are that I'd like it to be either free or cheap, easy to use, and secure.
I don't even know what else I should want it to be,

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  1. I use flickr–it's $25/year for a pro subscription, but you can set up a limited account for free. It's easy to use and interfaces pretty easily with vox and facebook (prolly more sites too) so you can cross-post to yourself, and it has basic editing tools so you can crop and brighten and whatnot. There are a range of settings for privacy and permissions. My site is here if it would help to take a look.
    I think picasa through google offers free photosharing, but I haven't used it. The picasa software is free, offers basic editing, and lets you sort pictures on your desktop, without having them on the web.
    Even if you don't put all your photos on the web, it's nice to do have them there, especially if your family is scattered, so they can all see them and make prints without jamming mailboxes with big photo files. Lately I've been posting shots of home repair projects so my dad can take a look and tell me what I shouldn't have done the way I did it.


  2. Oh, no. Can't look. Too many pix– you're freaking me out.I am in a similar state, but mine are under things and in things, and almost no one cares about seeing them, so I don't have to worry about sharing. But YOURS! You have people who want/need to see! WOW!Big job!Picasa is great(I LOVED IT) -but only the Picasa Web Albums are for Mac (are you a Mac person?)There are a lot of sites that are free. I've never used any long enough to know what's really good. A question: Vox allows PILES of storage– could you set up a separate Vox site with limited privacy settings and have all of the interested parties look her(there)? 'Comcast has a couple of options, if you're on Comcast. Gosh I was no help. Picaa is beyond wonderful, imho.


  3. ditto on flickr. the "free" account is quite limited (200 photos or so) but you get a chance to see how it suits you. the $25/yr is a very good deal.ditto on picasa. I downloaded it but havent' used it much. frankly, between flickr and vox I'm covered


  4. Oh my! It looks like someone was batcatting in your study.I also use flickr, paid account. Originally, I had the normal version, but I chose the paid account so I could have the original size saved online, and also because there are no monthly uploading limits for the paid account. Photos are also pretty easy to organize and tag in the "organize" mode. I didn't really do a comparison shopping, so I can't recommend it above other services. All I can say is that it is convenient and works well for me.As for organizing photos in general, I shouldn't give advice since mine are such a mess. I have an external hard drive for my digital photos and scanned photos, and I try to organize them by date (using picasa or just the "folder" or "explore" view in Windows), but it's a mess. The tagging on flickr makes it easier. Usually I just upload the ones I want to share, and for that it's probably not necessary to get a paid account, unless you have large amounts of photos to upload over a longer period of time. I think the upload limit for free flickr accounts is 100 MB / month.


  5. I to use the Flickr and love it. 25.00 a year ain't bad at all.


  6. I've not done it but I heard tech (radio) goddess Kim Komando rave once about one whose name I can't remember. If you're interested, poke around her site, she's got lottsa helpful info.


  7. Great, lots of leads here.I went over to Kim Komando's site – all kinds of goodies there!I will start messing around a little and see how it goes.


  8. glad to be of some assistance.


  9. Lauo, I have the same problem here. My dad gave me 3 big crates of pictures because he had/has his mind set on moving back to Florida. After weeding through about a 1,000 pics, and discarding 3/4 of them…he decided he might want to keep them…I felt like I was getting somewhere until he told me that. I kept all the pics with his and my step-mom's face, but he had tons of airplane, train and boat pics thrown together. He even had his ex girlfriend's pics in there. There's 3 big bags of pics cluttering my coat closet. It gives me gas just thinking about it! ….*poot!*


  10. oooooo noesthe pictures of piles of dead fishwe have tons of photos of fish people caught, but relatively few with the faces of family membersof, and pictures of groups of Masons sitting at tableslots of pictures of those tooI just have to summon the strength tinally to toss them(farewell salmon of the north woods!)


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