Is Nothing Sacred?

In the news from Wales:

A 72-year-old man who was cleared of killing his long-term partner two months ago has died….

Former lorry driver Mr Henton claimed he found Mrs Sutton dead
after discovering the back door window of the property had been
smashed. He then called the police.

Mr Henton was charged after officers secretly recorded largely solitary
conversations with cats Twinkie and Pudsey in January 2007.

Twinkie, Pudsey, who could you?:

From the BBC – who clearly have the best news.
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11 responses to this post.

  1. Whacky.So… now I have to watch what silly things I say to the Deej? Police might hold my conversations with him and Diblet as evidence of some crime? I'm so screwed.


  2. I was thinking that on the other hand how ironic it was, that the cats sang like canaries.


  3. I'm seeing Pudsey with a wire in his collar, asking leading questions, purring in a confiding sort of a way…. Surely the Deej would never do that.


  4. Maybe they were noir kitties.


  5. Well, wow!Here's a strange thought that occurs to me……What would make the policemen THINK of recording an old man living all alone? Did one of them go "I'll bet we can catch him talking to his cats! Yeah, that's it!!"


  6. cattle-tails!


  7. Yes; "The Big Sleep" (any cat could star in that one): starring Hum-feline Bogart and Lauren Ba-cat-call.


  8. You have to be kidding!


  9. Hahaha! Good one….


  10. Well, I'm glad I don't have a cat, then. I don't need anybody else watching my every move.


  11. funny story, funny comments


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