It might not even NEED stomping on….

Borrowed shamelessly from the NYTimes…

Evidently a major cause of the Titanic sinking in as catastrophic a way as it did was the poor quality of its rivets, as a result of poor quality iron supplies, and less experienced workmanship — both resulting from overworked facilities in the shipyards.
They actually had three of these things going at the shipyard at the same time, and so had to find new sources of iron, and new workers to handle all the projects.

There's a lovely summing up of things here:

I think my favorite small detail was that they had just stopped inspecting iron rivets, since the industry was in the process of switching to steel.

Fascinating reading, and a great example of what historians do with their time.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. It seems it is always the little things that cause major problems. Hm


  2. How interesting…the little things are always the most important


  3. That IS fascinating.


  4. Wow, isn't THAT amazing????


  5. Thank you for ths link — I'm going to read it in a while — running off now — so good to seee you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a friend who wrote a histprical novel set on the Titanic– it's selling fairly well – self-published- I'm going to give her this info — *waves*


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