happy happy happy

Sair's only possible, not likely for Wellesley, but she got into NYU.
So we are happy, happy, happy.
(Their school color is VIOLET, how cool is that.)

Happy, happy, happy.

Of course, we still have to figure out how to pay for this,
and she'll be at the opposite end of the damn country,
and she may even go off to LONDON for her freshman year,
and (every parent out there knows exactly what I mean by this) of course she's still only five years old so what can we mean by letting her go off alone like this, even if she will be eighteen.

(After all, every child is still only five years old in their mom's head, forever.)

But still happy, happy, happy.
(worry, worry)
Happy, happy, happy.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. NYU? Wow, Congratulations!!!


  2. A perfect example of being thrilled and terrified in one complete moment. Congrats to your daughter. 🙂


  3. (just had to add another one for good measure!) 😉


  4. Well done to Sair!(and oi! What's wrong with London? We're all very nice over here!)


  5. Wow! Congrats!
    Just remember…when you come visit her in NY there are Vox peeps you can meet! 😉


  6. Congratulations, lw! She'll be fine and do very well.


  7. That is quite a feat! congrats!! Tell her to look me up for lunch sometime!


  8. Congrats! YAY!!!


  9. This is SO awesome!!! Big big congrats to Sair and to mom and dad!!!!w00t!!! *jumps around*


  10. WOOHOO! Congrats to everyone!


  11. I just saw this. How wonderful! Congratulations Sair, and mom, and dad! Wheeeee!


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