Run this one by me again…

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it annoying that the press keeps giving space to Obama people saying Hillary should just quit now for the health of the party.
Seems to be that the numbers aren't there yet for either of them.
I understand the implied argument that we then all join hands and wander off into the sunset with no further divisive wrangling.
(But, hey, maybe he should quit struggling too….)

But why is it assumed it is so terrible for the party for the primary actually to remain open, possibly all the way to the convention?
A couple of points to consider:

First, it seems to me that the press is only really beginning to scrutinize Obama.
And, sorry if it is your candidate getting criticized, but isn't it better that it happen now, rather than in October.
If there are weaknesses, they need to be revealed and dealt with sooner rather than later.
Surely no one thinks the handling Obama is getting now even approaches what he will see coming from McCain.

Excuse me, but is there anyone here who remembers trying to watch all the convention coverage for a national election?
It's deadly, stultifying, television.
The institution was set up in a previous age, and was always intended to be a circus-like amusement for those participating.
And when the candidate has already been determined, there isn't anything really happening.
Coronations are, frankly, boring.
Gee, there's a chance this one would be riveting.
While the Republicans will be waking McCain up from nap time to read off his acceptance, the Democrats could be dueling down to the wire.
People might actually watch it, and feel involved.

At the moment we have two attractive, vital candidates vying actively with each other, while the Republican candidate is off by himself in a boring vacuum.
Who do you think will be getting the press coverage for the rest of the primary season?
People are actually looking at and caring about the candidates' positions on complicated issues.
Asking questions.
There is plenty of time to settle on a candidate to oppose McCain.
Let's get us settled first, there's no rush, since it is utterly clear what the difference between McCain and either candidate is.
And if the primary numbers are any clue, that choice shouldn't be too hard.*

I hear you ask.
Yeah sure.
A close race according to the polls?
You mean like the one that showed Obama beating Hillary in California by 13%?
Polls are, shall we say, an inexact science….

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Excellent thoughts, lauo!You are so right about the press that the Dem candidates will be getting for the next few months. We may even forget there is a Republican running for office!


  2. OMG…the whole thing is ruining my blood pressure, which is already too high as it is. Honestly, I wish, wish, wish, I were one of the ones that didn't give a crap, it would make from now until the convention (if it gets that far…I think it's gonna get that far.) a lot less unnerving. Now I know how people that follow sports feel.


  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it annoying that the press
    keeps giving space to Obama people saying Hillary should just quit now
    for the health of the party.The press and everyone in my vox hood ya mean??? (with the exception of a few.) 🙂 Sometimes I feel like a feminist in a Mormon temple. And yes it's extremely annoying. Obama won 2 to 1 in my state. I understand the love-fest, but I guess I'm either too old or too pragmatic. A politician all shined up with great speeches is still just a politician. That basic fact is being forgotten. I'm calling it the Oprah-factor. :)Personally, this is what I wanted all along… for those 2 to go head to head through this entire campaign. It brings attention to what matters to Democrats, and I think the Republicans will not be the ones who decides what's on the agenda for discussion any longer. I love that!


  4. Wow, how I would love to be a person who didn't give a crap, too. Giving a crap about anything is cause for a lot of pain!!!I do know I wish they would just let the PEOPLE vote. We do NOT need another election where the president was not elected by the popular vote. PuhLEEZE.


  5. You make some good points, but I do wonder if Hillary and Obama head to head are just giving McCain ammunition to be used against the successful Dem candidate. That said, I do not think that either have the numbers for supporters to be saying the other should stand down for the good of the Party. My gut feeling is that Hillary will win the nomination at the Democratic Convention, and go on to win the election. I can't believe that a Republican Iraq war hawk could win, especially now that he has Dubya's endorsement. That alone should be the kiss of death. Obama is still young enough to get the nomination at a future date, and deserves to.


  6. Good Peg agrees with you, especially if the candidates can stick to the issues and not rip up at each other about race, sex, word choices, age, experience, eye color, and what china pattern the winner will put in the White House. Bad Peg wants to throw both candidates into a vat of pudding and let them wrassle it out.


  7. Election? Here?Wow. Novel concept — I hope it catches on. Soon. Heh. Compelling post!


  8. I like to not pay attention to the crap that flows from and about candidates. I prefer to find factual information as often as possible and try to make up my mind based on that. Sometimes it's easy – usually because one choice is so horrendous that there really isn't any choice. Sometimes it's trickier.I suppose the biggest issue is that this on-going wrangling is pointing out more and more just how worthless your vote really is because if it's down to whatever wire there is, only a handful of "superdelegates" may make the decision – people who have no opinion but their own, no 'constituents' to represent. That's a bit troubling.Let the mud fall where it may. I won't be paying attention. I'll just be embarrassed as usual.


  9. Hillary just providing McCain with ammunition?It is true that the complaints I've heard have all been Obama supporters claiming that any questioning of their candidate might weaken him in the general election — which assumes, of course, that he would indeed be the final candidate.But some issues do need to be raised – if he is campaigning saying one thing about NAFTA to the public, but another behind closed doors, that is worth pointing out.Especially since his selling point for many of his supporters, is that he is above politics.And he's got some explaining to do about the purchase of his house, with the really, really super deal, that he got from that Chicago lobbyist sleaze.This information is out there, and it will not go away just because someone says not to look behind that curtain.Party unity is a fine concept, and once there is one single official party candidate it is the appropriate behavior.But we are not there yet.And, hey, I voted for Dukakis, and Kerry, and Gore, and McGovern, come to that.And for Jimmy Carter the second time, after he'd already conceded the damn election.(And did you know Hillary worked for McGovern?)So, yeah, no matter which of them gets the nomination, I will be there.And watching one of the debates, I forget which, one reporter just pushed at Hillary with a very leading question, trying to make her say the words: Obama would not be sound on national security.And she would not say them.She said she would be better, and didn't budge, even though the man repeated the question.So I think there is a sensitivity there concerning the use of future sound bites.The point the Obama people seem to miss is that any ammo that Hillary uses is just as easily available to McCain.It is that nature of information to come out, sooner or later.It's not as if the election is likely to become a gentler, more civilized affair when the Democrat and Republican face off.The people who hate Hillary have had decades to look for every particle of potentially offensive material, and it has all be obsessively aired in public.Running a Democratic candidate who has not been scrutinized at least that carefully would be foolish.If Obama can't cope with what Hillary has to say, how is he going to cope in the larger election?


  10. Well, no, both Hillary and Obama providing ammunition to McCain was my concern. But you are right to point to the positives of the ongoing stoush, which promises to go right down to the wire. Interesting days ahead, and hopefully it will all lead to a Dem win, whoever gets the nomination.


  11. Bad Peg! Why should the politicos get to wrassle in pudding? Let them have Jay's cat vomit to wrassle in!The Good Peeps get to wrassle in the puddin'!!!


  12. Great post!


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