Reminds me of a story….

This is Pyrit's picture of of last night's moon that, of course, we couldn't see here in Berkeley.
Through some kind of cosmic fluke we managed to see the last lunar eclipse, and it was awesome (literally).
Funny how close, and three dimensional the dark moon looked.
We bundled up and stayed out in the back yard the whole time.
But usually things like meteor showers (November and August) and other cosmic events take place chastely shrouded behind curtains of Bay Area fog.
So last night's eclipse was only a matter of the fog briefly darkening.
Le Sigh.

But the story:

It was one of my father's rare stories of his childhood.
My dad was born in 1911 deep in the rural south.
One night there was to be a new moon, and apparently my grandfather was feeling in need of some good luck.
So he asked my father, then a young boy, to lead him outside to where he could see the moon clear, which was, it seems, a source of great good luck.
But on no account was my dad to take him where it would be blocked off or obscured in anyway, because that would be, apparently, very bad luck.
So he shut his eyes and gave my dad his hand to be led him out to find some luck.
And my dad took him out right under a big old tree.
(Born to be hanged, obviously.)
I have no idea what happened, vis-a-vis the luck.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Oh. Sorry about this. It's not my photo. It's a Google image I found. If I had taken a photo last night, this would be it. My camera got nailed by a snowball over the weekend.Very funny story about your dad. I hope he was a real fast runner.


  2. Well, that's what your camera deserves for getting into a snowball fight…Ack.Is it going to recover?Great picture anyway, and now I feel less guilty about snagging it.


  3. Your daddy sure was ornery!


  4. Haha! Your dad got a beating, see bad luck! Haha!


  5. Well, I just thought he took him out to where he could clearly see the moon through the branches at that very moment, and the moon looked like this one….like it was hung on a branch…..hence he had "hung the moon !!!"


  6. The eclipse was wondrous fine, I'll have to say.
    And your dad was excessively naughty!


  7. What a story. Your dad reminds me of someone I know. 🙂


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