I GOT A VALENTINE!!!! (Me, who never gets these things!)

From YGRS.
(I know, probably she sent one to everyone, I hear you say.
But LALALALAL I can't hear you LALALALA)

I did, I got a Valentine.
In the mail.
On Valentine's Day.

I mean, how brilliant is that?

And there is a puppy tattoo for me too.
(If I can figure it out before Sair gets home and swipes it.)
And a pink heart lollipop which Sair is not getting.

And did I mention that it came today?
On Valentine's Day.

…so, thanx YGRS.
you are utterly super.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Well chocolate chips and snickerdoodle pie !! Aren't you the lucky one !! Happy Valentine's Day !!!


  2. Yaaaayyyyyyy! Unexpected valentines are the best.


  3. Well bust my Valentiney buttons! How did she do that?! Wow.And a puppy tattoo!


  4. that's so sweet of YGRS! :)Happy Valentine's day!


  5. YAY YGRS!!! She's a whiz, that one is!!! We lubs her!!!


  6. My lolly pop was red! I love it! I need to put on the pup tattoo and model it for y'all.


  7. Yay and yay yay! Yay for valentines and friends and all everything like that!


  8. Yay for YGRS!! Making all her peeps sooo happies!!


  9. Haha! YAAAAY! You should all take pics of the tattoos and post them, lol


  10. awwww…..now I is blushing……&:o)You're welcome for your Valentine and I'm glad that it made you happy!! And thank you to the other people who said kind things about me ( and who didn't believe what the OTHER people said about me…)Even though *My Genius* got your card there exactly on Valentine's Day itself, *My Genius* did NOT get a bunch of people's CHRISTMAS cards to them on the day itself, in fact SOME of the cards were delivered at the end of January!! So see — *My Genius* isn't always so "genius"…( thanks US Post Office people…)I didn't send the cards to "everybody" — only the people in my 'hood who were brave enough to trust me wif their real names and addresses. So see??? Sometimes it's GOOD to take that leap of faith.&:o)


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