I haz a Facebook…

Well, sort of.
No picture.
No profile.
No wall comments – boring, boring, boring.
Mostly it exists so that I can stalk people on-line if they seem to be stalking my kid's Facebook.
As a blog, it's sorta pathetic.
("I have 0 friends." Like I need Facebook telling me that. Thanks guys….)

So, there in my regular email thingy today:

You have a friend request.

Dave Blake (no network)

You and Dave have no friends in common.
Dave found you using the Friend Finder.
Dave can only see my limited profile.
(What's a limited profile?)

Looked the guy up, and I have no idea who this is.

 – Hey, is this anyone voxy??

If so, don't bother with this, because I'm really not over on Facebook at all.
If not, what gives?
This isn't the Facebook "starter guy" who turned up when I signed on.

Should I confirm him?

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9 responses to this post.

  1. he's not the starter dude..prob just some random that wants to befriend newbies or get the most friends. i'd say no to the confirm esp if you're not there to really use facebook in that sense.and kudos to you for being a responsible online parent and checking out the sites your kid gets on and explore. i never really thought anything of it until i started working for ww.


  2. That happens to me on Myspace. My mom had me sign up so I could see my little sisters myspace and now I'm always getting emails that someone added me as a friend..I don't even have a profile, just an account..go figure.


  3. I do have an account on facebook. I have one friend. This fellow and I go way back. He lives across the pond and is into trains. lol……Other than that I never go there. Sorry don't know Dave. lol


  4. Facebook has an option where you can request friends with your entire email address book. I had a gal request to friend me and I asked her how we knew each other. We figured out that we communicated via bookmooch (I sent her a book) and that facebook just automatically sent a request to me. so it might be something like that?


  5. I'm in Facebook for two reasons:- so my nieces can send me cute pictures- to play Scrabulous.that's it. let me know if you want to try a game. or not. it is addictive…


  6. I admit it – I am a big old Facebook junkie. I think it is required though if you work at a college. They fire you if you don't update your status a minimum of once a day.Lauo – just ask if you have FB questions. I'll do my best to fill you in.


  7. I've never even visited Facebook. But that's great that you're there to stalk back any stalkers. Every once in a while a Vox person will turn up friending everyone — maybe it's like tthat. But if it were me I woudln't confirm anything. But that's just me: scared of nearly everything!


  8. I don't have a Facebook account…hehe, Myspace is bad enough, but at least I can practice HTML stuff there


  9. Some guy added me recently too, but they only had like two friends. I left his request in the inbox. I log in there about once a week and then only to ignore requests like this that random people send.


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