Can anyone explain this?

My poor deprived boys.
I never got them armor.
No wonder Motley never brings back his shield – he doesn't have one.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmmm. Nice and shiny. A little scary.


  2. Where do the batteries go? >;)


  3. Is that a lance or a pole to hang a catnip mouse to get the cat going, but I love the articulated tail armour.


  4. Interesting. Curious. Can't explain though.


  5. Interesting. The Miao Bros want one! It would look good on a sleek kitty like Tashi, but on a floofier one, wouldn't the floofies get caught in the armor joints?


  6. Oooooh, shiny


  7. That shield is all wrong shaped… it would catch the lance point and funnel it towards the cat's shoulder or neck instead of away from it… They'll have to make a new one…The shiny is good though… and the happy tail. Can't imagine HOW you'd get a cat into the contraption… but it's a funny idea.


  8. Maybe it's designed to catch the other kitty's claw and snag it.


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