I am a great hunter, I’m hunting for….

Mr. Boe has made the leap from cat toys to more interesting prey.
First, he stole one of these

from off Sair's plate with great sneakiness and skill, carried it off in triumph and killed it thoroughly — complete with growls.
But that was too easy.
Becoming bored, he took off outside into the night, returning shortly with wild game.

or maybe more like:

Grasshopper was lots of fun, but I'm mean.
He was willing to share the game; after all he brought the beastie in to us, but I went and scooped it up in a cup and tossed it outside again.
He was watching closely, though, and my little attempt ats slight of hand accomplished nothing.
Grasshopper and kitteh both ended up back out in the night.

When I went to get Boe in before bed he was out front with either the same one, or another.
Again I played spoilsport and interferred with the game.
Grasshopper went free, and kitten came in.

So this afternoon when he brought in a new, fresher friend, all I had to do was start to get out of my chair before he gave me a reproachful look, snatched up his find, and ran off with it.
He still likes me, but I simply do not play fair.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. lol! Boe is a mighty hunter – it didn't take him long to graduate from green beans to grasshoppers. 🙂


  2. good for Boe, I sez! if you won't play right, he's not going to share.


  3. If you can't beat 'em…join 'em!


  4. LOL! Oh kittehs… =)


  5. That is so cool! Cats are willing to earn their keep. Gotta love em'.


  6. You rejected his present! Cast it out into the night! You'll have to feed him tuna to make up for that one.


  7. LOL! Boe is a smarty cat, for sure. You have a wise kitty on your hands. All the best to you.


  8. I've been apologizing for days.Abjectly.


  9. I need the good wishes, since he is too clever by half.He has learned to come when called.That is, he comes, maintains an ungrabbable distance from me, and sees what all the fuss is about.And if it doesn't seem worth it, he wanders off again.


  10. Hah!!! He is a wonderful hunter, whom you hinder. I would, too, but still. Isn't it nice how they want to share? Sweetie finds the spider and I give him a few minutes to kill it – if he doesn't, I do. And he sulks. It's the way of things, I guess.But he's never brought me one. *sigh*


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