What fresh mischief is he planning?

He looks like a perfectly ordinary cat.
Sure, keep telling yourself that.

mr boe from you tube

Okay, maybe he gets a little weird sometimes.
There's the basket thing.

He likes to knock over the trach basket, and get in it.
Sort of like the paper bag game, only he can see through the basket.
Then if you innocently wander by, say trailing a piece of elastic or something,

well, it can get interesting.
He has little tiny needle-like kitten claws, and he's not afraid to use them

But that's not the odd thing about Mr. Boe.

It's hard to get a picture of this.
I have been nommed on repeatedly trying to get a clear shot with the other hand.
Can you see it?
Let's try closer.

The boy has never lost his baby canine toofs.
And his permanent canines have come in right in front of them, so he's got four canines up there.
No wonder he likes to nom on things.

Things, that means, mostly me.
But he always licks it, to make it better.


This pretty much sums it up:

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Four canines and quick paws. I'm staying on his good side. I love his little mustache in the first picture.


  2. He's a bundles of giggles (sharp, multi-canined giggles, but giggles) He's gorgeous and soooooooo cute!! Don't you just love cats??! That video is adorable — and IMG 0362 is perfection!


  3. Wow. Four canines. "The better to nom you with, my dear…" (They need a name other than "canines", though… "Felines" seems more appropriate. Let's see if the veterinary/catanatomy community will change the terminology, shall we?)
    He is, as RobbbieDobbbie says, a bundle of giggles. Gigglicious.


  4. Yet another thing that makes him a unique and wonderful tuxie!
    Yay! Well, yay for teh kitteh, ouchies for Lau. (hands Lau some bandaides)
    Hmmm, Lucky is a nibbler/nommer AND a tuxie too, (runs to check if he's got extra teefers) Oh wait, I'm at work, it'll have to wait til I get home. Durn it!


  5. I'm definitely staying on his good side as well! So very cute! He's like a shark, but sharks don't lick you nicely after they bite


  6. Oh, he is SUCH a tuxie boy. But those extra teef make him extra special. TK is such a bitey boy, I guess we're lucky he only has the normal amount of teef!


  7. All the better to eat you with my dear. mah ha ha


  8. I was to finally see the video. Now it's obvy he was being driven into meeshuf!
    Naughty Sarah!


  9. She aids and abets like mad.


  10. Is it possible for a feline to have canines? Doesn't seem right.


  11. Awww so cute and funny and ohhh hidden in that basket. LOL watch ouot for those teeth


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