No-Turkey Day

So where's the turkey, interested feline types want to know.
This year we're experimenting, so try instead

There were some issues concerning who was carving whom, but we got it worked out satisfactorily at last.
The vegetarian got artichokes for dipping in the garlicy stuff.
Hen sampled crab and found it worthy, and kitten gave it a try too, because she did.
Mr. Boe later helped himself to another shell, for his toy collection.

And we had an ominous visitor later in the evening.

I never drink, wine.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Verrrrry interesting… and also very edumacational. Are you allowed to have something other than turkey on Turkey Day? 😉
    Glad the catkins appreciated the alternate menu.
    (and a note about something else entirely — I added candles to my Lurkie's birfday post, at your suggestion.) (Thanks). (Not the usual birfday candles, of course, I stuck with the theme.)


  2. Because what is a bacon-covered potato cake without candles…


  3. Belated Happy No Turkey Day to you lauowolf. If only the natives had cooked up seafood for the pilgrims.


  4. Garlic artichoke dip? That sounds fantastic!


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