QotD: Vox’s Presidential Approval Poll

Polling groups like to track the approval rating of politicians.  What's your approval rating for President George W. Bush?  

I can't put "approval" and "George W. Bush" in a sentence together.
Just think negative numbers.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Is that really a QotD??? omg. my kid and I were talking about what an "approval poll" was and I mentioned George's historical numbers. He joked that they were probably negative now as well… I'd love to see what the 'other side' has to say. I need to laugh a bit today…


  2. I agree, approval is such a strong word for that dillweed…


  3. I can't even watch him on TV anymore. Even his sound bites make me furious and I'm trying to watch my blood pressure!


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