Do Not Read This

Pet massacres carried out in Puerto Rico

By YAISHA VARGAS and ANDREW O. SELSKY, Associated Press Writers


Seriously, it is just nightmare time.

I'm off to send some $$ to Alley Cat Allies and the Humane Society, because I'm sure they will both be out there trying to help.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Sigh. I can't read about it.Any massacres upset me. Does that make me strange? That was a stupid dark joke. I am really hoping that I don't see too many people and animals in distress in India. I'll put myself in a meditative mood. See the whole picture. This life is only a miniscule part of the "whole picture". Misery here does not mean misery forever! Ooops, sorry to get philosophical. Yeah…I am doing what I call "packing" and it's not working. HaHA!


  2. I've been reading about this the last couple of days- just can't help it. How about some proportional response, Puerto Rico?


  3. Just hide from the news for a day or two — it's hitting the main channels.I can't unread it, but I wish I could.You're packing anyway.(Yes, thinking about packing counts as packing — you will have suitcases with stuff in them when you are ready to go.)


  4. Exactly. That's my theory exactly! 😀


  5. Thanks for the warning. I was out most of the day yesterday. I don't want to watch it. Will be out most the day on interviews. Lauo, I haven't been seening your updates. You must do most of your posts late at night? You're over on the West coast, aren't you?


  6. Yes, I don't get at the computer at regular intervals, and some days i don't have a time until rather late, west coast time.Sigh.It's like showing up for a party really, really late.Everyone else has all posted and gone home, and I'm poking about under the confetti, looking for leftovers…Sigh.


  7. If you don't see a comment from me for a while, feel free to send a post! I wouldn't have caught this if I hadn't wandered over here checking on ya!


  8. omg. Of course I had to ignore your warning and find the story – I've not been keeping up with the news, so I completely missed it. It's things like this that make me ashamed to be a human.Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I ought to be more positive… so, I'm thankful that the Miao Brothers and the lauo-kitties and thousands of other cats and dogs have safe, loving homes.


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