And I owe Little Miao some Wolfgang pictures

Because at some point I remember promising her a lot of pictures of Wolfie to ease her feline withdrawal symptoms.
I guess I needed to check with Wolfie first.
He wasn't quite ready.
He's been out patrolling and needs a few minutes privacy.


Hope you don't mind, but this may take a few minutes.


But then he'll be available for virtual snoggles.


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10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, he's so HANDSOME and cuddly and cute and wow == *waves at Wolfgang*


  2. He's lovely! I love the variety of his coloring, very cute!Every shot, one eye on the photographer! Except for the last of course, because it's all about the nap really.


  3. Because he still has that tiny bit of feral boy left.Just because we feed and and pet him and have been nice for a year and a half doesn't mean we don't still need to be watched.


  4. 🙂 kitties. cute.


  5. Those old habits die hard with them. My old boy, Bluto, who's no longer with us, would still look around as he ate. Nawm nawm. Look around. Nawm nawm nawm. Look around. It was sad to see but he never had food all to himself before.


  6. Bluto is a great cat name.And, well, you were giving him such good nummies, someone was bound to turn up and swipe them.But i would like to be able to communicate with him, just long enough to tell him to just calm down.(He does come and cuddle and all.That part is all okay.I just wish he wouldn't worry so much.)


  7. Oooh, he's gorgeous! I love that first shot, hilarious.


  8. Awww, he looks so snuggly and warm on his knitted blankie, perfect catnap.Thanks for the snorgles!!


  9. How cuddly and cute. I love extra big kitties. We have Nicole Richie cats. You can see their organs they are so tiny. We had a thirty five pound cat named Dexter and you could hear him walk,lol.


  10. Wolfie is one gorgeous guy! I love his coloring!It's taken Murray all three months with us to settle down to his own dish and leave the other animals' dishes alone. He's doing great, but he will always be a scrounger and who can blame them?


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