QotD: Never Going Back Again – oh wait, it’s gone now anyway

What's been your worst experience at a restaurant?

A friend was always trying to take us to his favorite Mexican place, but somehow we had avoided it for a long time.
(Okay, I'm picky, and there are a lot of good ones around here.)
Anyway, we end up there one day with a big group of people, and I've got my plate and it's alright.
Not as good as my local favorite, but okay.
Everyone is busy telling said friend how nice the place is, because he has to be right.
So okay, he can be right.
Fine, fine, that's alright with me.

It wasn't supposed to be a huge bunch of people anyway.
Friend is one of those guys who turn up with ten extra people anytime you do something.
Because who doesn't like just ending up in a mob?
So I'm just lying sort-of low until I can escape.
Minding my business and eating.
Then I find a hunk of tortilla in my refried beans.
With teethmarks in it.

Actually, I didn't say anything at the time.
Stopped eating, and just pushed stuff around on the plate.
I think if I hadn't been stuck at a loud crowded (obnoxious) table full of people, I'd have pointed it out to the waitress.
But as it was, she was already having a hard time.
So I just left it, and finally made my escape.
(Because the movie plans had changed anyway, because what we'd set-up to do wasn't what the group decided to do, so the time frame changed and I could escape.)
I'm not anti-social, no.
Not me.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Bad night in bedrock. poor baby that is not being anti-social. nope just isn't.


  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek that is HORRIBLE! Teethmarks!!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaah!!! *retches ever-so daintily*


  3. good golly


  4. egads. nasty.


  5. Ewwwwwwww. nasty. ick. take it away.


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