Thunder of paws.

I guess I shouldn't have left the catnip plant down as self-serve for Mr. Boe.


Not right bright of me.

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  1. Ha! Titter-titter, hee-hee, snerk!(Makes tally mark with one finger) Score one to Mr. Boe.


  2. CATNIP RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot diggedty!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm — I can smell it from here!!! wooohooooooo, here comes Sweetie!!


  3. That'll learn ya! I just brought in some flowers off the balcony. I hate seeing annuals die 😦 I don't have anyway of setting them up from the kitties. Best I could do was make a ledge so crowded they can't jump up. I already know what'll happen. You know, I should've checked first! They're impatients, they aren't poisonous to cats are they? (i know—good time to ask!)


  4. Sorry this is funny. Sure place that wonderful ingredient in the line of fire. lol Kitty want to feel good.


  5. Think how happy you made Mr. Boe…


  6. Hehe. Happy kitteh


  7. wild kitty abandon!


  8. HA kitty happiness. That is what I like to hear. ; D


  9. I don't think impatiens will hurt da kits! Heee, I can imagine Mr. Boe's bliss!


  10. Thanks, Lauri. I think there's also a couple geraniums in there and some tall grass I planted in the middle for height. I'm sure they'll destroy them, but I hate the cold weather so much that it upsets me to see the annuals die. I'd rather see the cats kill them! haha


  11. And besides, the cats will enjoy it.


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