Vox Hunt: The Good Doctor

Show us your favorite doctor.

As if there were any question.

For Jaypo, because #4 is cool too:

And, to be thorough, I've also gotten fond of #10, which I hadn't expected.

I mean, it's all still the Doctor, right?

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooooooh yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!


  2. Who him?


  3. That's Doctor Who (#9) him.


  4. yesssHe was great.


  5. Oh, I guess I'm still stuck on the guy with the scarf.


  6. Cool jacket.


  7. Also way cool.


  8. At first I hated #10 with a passion. #9 was just so incredibly awesome, I was so totally in love with him. My husband says he just had to "accept that #10 was the Doctor, and then he got fond of him." I guess that explains my feelings, too. The more I accept him as the Doctor, the better he seems.


  9. Cool! It's funny to see Billie Piper in that since I used to download her music videos.


  10. We went the other way.Saw her on Doctor Who, and went and found her music.Big fans.


  11. Baker Tom was my favorite Doctor, although this year's chap is quite good as well.


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