Why Cranky’s Missing Ductwork isn’t a Bomb Shelter

Why you don't have my older sister explain things to calm down a young child.

This is a bomb shelter:

I grew up just outside Washington DC, and was in fourth grade when the Cuban Missle Crisis happened, and the news was all about immanent nuclear war.

On our way to school, we walked past a house where they were building a shelter like this one, with great mounds of dirt from digging and all manner of impressive mess.
So my older sister explained to me that we didn't have to worry about not having a shelter for our family.
If anyone bombed DC, we'd all be just off-center in the huge crater anyway.

Thanks, sis. 

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11 responses to this post.

  1. We had a couple of the shelters in our neighborhood — and our family had a basement area all ready with cans, etc. there was a guy who specialized in building them -he lived not too far away. We were told to practice holding our breath. You know? While the mushroom cloud settled?At school they gave out plamphlets on how to build your own, where to dig, how, etc and what to do if you couldn't dig. Air ducts were suggested. You and I must be close to the same age– when was the missile crisis? 1960? I was 9 — Gee, now I'm glad I didn't have a sister. I just figured we'd be OK, except for turning into zombies/


  2. My older brother explained it the same way to me (we too lived right next to a high-value target during the 60's).


  3. Where'd you grow up? I grew up in Rockville, MD– during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We both were shakin' in our boots at the same time, a few miles apart!


  4. Nice sister! That made me laugh aloud. I'm the youngest… my brother was always telling me things like this. Just once I'd like to be the older one. Hmmm… what to do with all that power. 🙂


  5. Grew up in Cheverly, near Bladensburg, past College Park going nowhere.My family didn't have anything set up.Having to do with the crater concept.My cousins in Mississippi had a really fancy one.Some time in the seventies one of the boys filled it with the hose to make a swimming pool.I don't know what happened after that.


  6. gee, thanks, sis!
    I missed all the fun. thank goodness. I was only four, and had no idea that there was even a government, much less governments all over the place looking at each other squinchy-eyed, and we didn't do all the bombshelter, hide under the desk, stock up on canned goods in these parts, either. (Although a friend in the 1980s had a stockpile of canned goods just in case…)


  7. *snicker* She was so nice, huh? If I remember right, my elementary school had a bomb shelter


  8. oh, how comforting…


  9. Wow, some powerful memories. And siblings ARE always so helpful, aren't they?


  10. I lived in DC at the same time! MY older sister still knows everything also. That's why we call her Mom Jr. When she babysat us we would all run out behind the fence and hide when we heard the car pull up so she would get in trouble,lol. She would tie me up with my bathrobe tie and eat Eskimo pies in front of me. The very least I could do was tarnish her babysitting record.


  11. Siblings!AAAAAAHHHHHH!!(Oddly, many of them grow up to be more or less normal adults.No one has explained to me how that happens.)


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